And Then I Came to the End

I am behind on my book reviews, and I am not sure how to review And Then We Came To The End. This book was highly touted and was a finalist for a National Book Award last year. I think I am missing what was so great about this book.

The characters were annoying, they seemed like the type of people that I would fire after about on week of them working in my store. The type of employees that sit in the corner of the bookstore and gossip about co-workers, instead of doing work. That employee that distracts everybody from actually completing the task at hand. I kept reading the book hoping that there was a strand a light at the end of the tunnel. I kept looking for the reason this book go so much praise, I didn't find it. By the end of the book I was frustrated and for the second time in as many years i almost threw the book on the floor.

Please somebody tell me what the redeeming characteristic of this book was...

A Fat Man Sat On Me

I was on the train home this evening calmly reading my book, siting next to the window, the doors open and I look up. Still plenty of seats on the train, no need to worry about anybody sitting net to me. I go back to reading my book. Suddenly, my book is bent backward a a very large man's ass is on my lap.

I try to look up and i am confused as the pressure on my right side increases. What the hell? You know somebody is sitting here don't you? A very embarrassed man quickly gets up and turns around.

He apologizes and says that he didn't see me there.

As the Doctor said, I know I am short, but i am not invisible!

I've Been Missing

I had all of these posts planned for my blogs second Birthday... I wanted to review some of my favorite posts from the last year, and then wish it a Happy Birthday, and then wish myself a Happy Birthday, and overall enjoy November.

And then my tenant in my apartment in Boston went MIA, I hadn't received rent and I started to call. I didn't hear from her for days and all I saw were dollar signs and I was scared. I started to panic. I called her, I called her job, no answer. I was trying to reach out and nothing at all. Then on November 11, she sent me a letter saying she had moved out on November 1.

Well, that's funny cause the bitch signed a binding contract (otherwise known as a lease) saying that she was going to live there until August 31. Oh, believe me the lawyer was called and this bitch is about to have her ass handed to her.

So that is just one of the many things that has happened to me over the past year. It has been an exciting year and a crazy year, and a hard year in many different ways. From a new phone to people kicking books around the bookstore. Going to preview parties and starting to go to yoga. The dog eating my pants (and now living with that dog). Fights in P-town and more vicious attacks in Boston. My back being sliced opened and moving out of Boston and living with another human and a lot of animals. Punching a pumpkin and losing my Tipsy. It has been a year of ups and downs. It has been a year of new beginnings and a year that truly proved that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I have had many days this year when I felt like I should just lay in bed and never move again, but I have also had those days when I have said that I am going to get through all this and I am going to live my life. I have lived my life and I have had a great year.

Everything happens for a reason, I believe that and all of the bad things that happened this year forced me to grow and look at my life and learn new things. I haven't enjoyed every minute of it but I know I am stronger now then I was at this time last year.

So, HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY Stuff On My Mind, here are some of my favorite posts over the past year:

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Those are some of my favorites that cover a lot of what has happened this year. I hope you enjoyed some or all of them and I hope I have some great stories to share in the future.

On Reconsidering

Last week was a really rough week for me for obvious reasons. Putting Tipsy to sleep was very hard, and I swore to myself on Tuesday that I would not ever wish harm upon another living thing ever again.

Then I was on the Metro heading home from work on Thursday night. I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was keep my mind off of Tipsy and read my book. I wanted some peace and quiet and while I knew that wasn't going to happen I was hoping to at least get to read. I wasn't going to be that lucky.

About halfway home a mother rolled a double stroller onto the train with two screaming children. These two kids were literally throwing a temper tantrum while the mother was watching them with her feet extended out into the aisle. She said nothing, she just watched and listened to her screaming 2 year old. Then she got fed up and started screaming at the kids.

"Seriously, Jack, Shut the f#ck up"

I was blown away that a mother could talk to her children that way, and that she thought this was the way to control them. At this point I reconsidered my standing on violence and eliminating living things from this world.

If they were sweet and loving like Tipsy, then they should live forever, if they are stupid and annoying and curse at two year old then we should put the asleep immediately!