Bolt Bus and My Blackberry

I am hoping that this post goes through because I am writing it on the Bolt Bus and technology has not been liking me very much today.

As some of you know I have become very dependent on my Blackberry since I got it a little over a year ago, and while I love it, I also hate it. The problem is my original Pearl was great and I never had problems with it, and then it was stolen out of my office at my other store. It as all downhill from there as they replace your new device with a refurbished device, and none of them ever worked right from that point forward. It was rather devastating and in the year I have had to go for 4 replacement devices. I was giving up on the Pearl, but wanted to hold off on buying a new phone until I had my condo in Boston rented.

And then it happened, right as I was sending a message to the Doctor to wish him a good night I got an input error on my phone, usually when it gets one of these it will restart and allow you to send what you were typing. But not last night. Instead I had an input error and shut down. I didn't start to panic until I couldn't get it to restart. Then I had no idea how I was going to live without my lifeline.

It didn't start up at all , so before I got on the bus today I went to Verizon, and the news got worse, while they would replace my phone they were not going to be able to transfer any of the 300 contacts in there. Literally this is my life including codes for alarms and all sorts of phone numbers. All of it was gone and there was no way for me to get it back. Yes, I know I am supposed to sync my blackberry to my computer to make sure that the numbers are saved there, but I have no way of knowing how to do that right.

So now I have a new Blackberry Storm, and I love it but I wish I had everybody's contact. I miss some of you people. Please let me know if I haven't contacted you in a while, I may not be able to.

ETA: Obviously the Bolt Bus technology didn't like me either because this post never posted! Just my luck.

Just A Quick Word of Advice

It is not a good idea to try taking out your contact lens after you have eaten a plate full of chicken wings.

It burns, a lot.

Just in case you didn't know, that is a quick word of advice! I know I'm not very smart.

More Gnomes

Back in July (July 12th) In "Attack of the Gnomes" I wrote about how some of our friends call us Gnomes. I wrote about the framed picture of a gnome at the house on the cape.

Well, the Doctor got home to Chicago and what does he see on his parents Christmas tree but gnomes.

Word is spreading...

New Cool Thingy

So while I have ben away from Blogger they added a new feature where you can add a playlist to your blog. So I added a song to the playlist for now because I wanted to have this feature and right now it is my favorite song of the moment which is...

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Yeah I know, gay, but i love this song.

And while we are on the topic of music, The Doctor got me XM radio for my birthday (and diamonds for Christmas). XM is such a great invention and you get to hear all of those songs that you haven't heard in years. Her are some of our favorites from our drive back from New York on Thanksgiving...

Opera Trance
Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
All the new Rihanna songs
Just Dance
The entire 80's Channel
Most of the 90's Channel
and BPM

I am sure I will add some more songs to my playlist but for now, Just Dance... it'll be okay.

Not Dead

I was talking to S on the phone the other day and he told me I need to write an obituary for my blog. I know for the past couple of months the posts have been few and far between. I think I am still in an adjustment phase with my schedule. There is a lot for me to do each day like commute for 3 hours and go to the gym and work and enjoy time with the doctor. All of this takes time and I let the blog slip away. And then it was the holidays and the end of the semester which meant Christmas shopping and Book Buyback.

I leave for New York for the Holidays on Tuesday and it is the end of the year. I am going to start now but also for my New Years resolution (or at least one of them) will be writing more often.

So the moral of the story is that my blog isn't dead, I will continue writing and sharing funny stories about work and life... I promise.

Plus, I need to keep S entertained!

Thanksgiving In New York

Last week the Doctor had the joy of meeting the family in full force. Yes, he joined me in lovely upstate New York for Thanksgiving with the family. But not only did he join me for the family dinner but we were in New York for five entire days. That is the longest time I have been home in about ten years.

The trip started on Tuesday night leaving DC around 9:15pm. We figured it would be better to leave at night than brave the Wednesday traffic, so I picked up my cousin on the way back into the city on the side of the road, and then picked up the Doctor and the dog. We started the trip by trying to get my new XM to work, that took an hour of the trip but to no avail. Then we flipped radio stations for a good hour, and then it was midnight and we found ourselves in the mountains during a snowstorm. It appears that my GPS decided to keep us off 95 and bring us through Pennsylvania instead. Probably a great idea with the exception being that my GPS cant tell the weather. There was no traffic though.

We arrived in New York with dog in hand around 4:00 am. Built the dog cage, and then went to bed. I set my alarm for 9:30 so that I could walk the dog in the morning, but it turned out that I didn't need to because by the time I got up my Dad had walked the dog twice.

Wednesday was Thanksgiving prep day, we did some shopping, the Doctor bought stuff to make Sweet Potato pie, and prepped it, and we went to dinner once my sister got in from Boston.

Then it was Thanksgiving, we generally get to my Aunt's house around noon and the binging commences. As usual there was a tremendous amount of food and by 1 there was about 20 people at my Aunt's house. The Doctor got to meet the entire side of my mother's family pretty much all in one day. Appetizers continue for a few hours and then the table is cleared and set up for dinner. Of course I am still at the kids table, but at least the Doctor is older than me and gets to be the oldest at the kids table. We enjoy dinner, go home let out the dog, and then decide to bring her to my Aunt's house. She gets along well with people and is such a good vacation dog, but I was a bit worried that this may be too many people. After we got back the second wave of people arrived bringing the total close to if not over 30. Ah yes, it was time for dessert, and of course there was about 8 options on the table. I am not sure the Doctor knew what to do with all the options but he opted for cheesecake and I opted for pie and we switched halfway through.

By this point the Doctor was exhausted, he was pacing himself with the wine in order to keep up with names and faces, but enough is enough. Heck, half the time I can't remember family members names let alone girlfriends and husbands and wives. The family keeps getting bigger as my dad said in the things he was thankful for, but by the end of the night I think the Doctor was hoping that my family got smaller before the next time he visited, that way he had a better chance of remembering names.

All in all Thanksgiving was a success, and it was a very nice day to be home with friends and family, and I was very thankful that the Doctor joined me. I guess I really can't ask for more.