Why We Fight, Why We March, Why We Care and Why I Shed a Tear

At the signing of the hate crimes bill, President Obama said the following:

"We must stand against crimes that are meant not only to break bones but to break spirits" because "no one in America should ever be afraid to walk down the street holding the hands of the person they love."

The fight isn't over, but we are making progress, I hope this law helps put people like Fabio Brandao behind bars, and I hope we continue to move towards equality.

How Do You Not Know The Kindle... and now The Nook!

I was absolutely amazed today, and I realize that maybe I live in a different world, but I could have never imagined that the kids that work for me have never heard of things like an e-reader!

Barnes and Noble launched their new e-reader the Nook yesterday, in the book selling world this is big news since the most popular one, the kindle, is an amazon product, the nook is Barnes and Noble, it will be available to purchase in stores, and online. And Wired magazine, says "If you just ordered a kindle, stop reading now, or you're in for a giant dose of buyer's remorse."

Great, new technology, I am a technology whore, I like fancy new shiny things! I know I am generally on the leading edge when it comes to knowing about these things, but I thought by now people knew what e-readers were. I was blown away when I started talking about it with people who work in a bookstore, and they had no idea what the Kindle was. I had to explain the technology from the beginning. I had to tell them about what size it was, and why it was a big step.


I continued searching around the store for people I thought would know, I was wrong. Most of the employees students or otherwise had no idea. So after explaining the Kindle I had to take the next step and tell them about the nook.

The nook runs Google's Android OS and is going to have wireless access through AT&T, the nook has built in Wi-Fi and 2GB of storage allowing you to hold up to 1500 books. Plus you will be able to get you newspapers and magazines, and you will even be able to share books with friends. These are a ton of great features that could kill the Kindle, but not that it matters because according to my employees

"It's only like 12 people have a Kindle anyway!"

I am really living in a different world, it is crazy, but I am pretty sure that the Kindle people are a little worried about the Nook, maybe because they will lose those 15 customers, or maybe because the e-reader is the wave of the future, and like the i-phone, whatever device comes out strong and works well could make it a category killer!

Not that my employees would know any of this, I think I need new employees, please look for future posts that reference me firing stupid people!

The Engagement Party

Last night was the Engagement Party that I had planned. We have been engaged for one week and it seems like things have been absolutely crazy. I am pretty sure we haven't had a moment to stop and enjoy it even though it is pretty much all we have been talking about. And then the wedding of course. But yesterday, and last night was all about a celebration.

It wasn't easy getting the Doctor to the vineyard, especially since he was feeling a bit sick. It was after all supposed to be a surprise for him, he didn't know there were 15 friends waiting at Vintage Ridge for us. As a matter of fact he thought it was just 4 of us going, so when he tried to back out because he wasn't feeling well we all needed to think on our feet which wasn't the only time yesterday! We did get him out the door and on the way to the vineyard, but the friends who were supposed to be there before us were all stuck in traffic... time to think fast again... as we pass a McDonald's...I decide that I need to use the facilities and we should pull over... then our friend CW decides that sitting down for some french fries would be a good way to pass the time. We stall as long as we can and I am getting nervous... a series of text messages and a phone call and a new plan is in place.

We arrive "first" and they set us for a private tasting. As they pour us all the first taste of wine Mr NG who has played an important role in the planning of the event surprises us all from above, with a few other friends that were in his car. Greg is fully surprised and as we talk some more friends walk in the door expanding the party. A final car arrives and the staff at Vintage Ridge seamlessly puts together the other tables and begins the tasting. They bring out plates of food to be eaten with the wine, gorgeous and delicious plates of food, and then they pour our us all another taste of wine.

The well choreographed tasting proceeds and the staff provides us with great information about the wine and food it is paired with, but they also allow us to mingle so that we feel like the party is our own. As the tasting proceeds we move into the dessert wine, and another plate appears, a plate full of delicious desserts that all pair perfectly with the wine. This tasting is not like any other tasting you have been to, and they do this for everybody that goes in. This is why the Doctor and I love this vineyard and the staff.

The party continues at the vineyard as we buy a few bottles of wine, and the staff bring out any of the extra food they have left in the back. They make sure that we are happy with the food and wine and attend to our every need. I enjoy my glass of Summer Night which is one of my favorite wines from this winery (although they are all delicious) and I mingle with all of our friends who are there. This was a great opportunity to actually celebrate our engagement. It was an evening that was about love and celebration, and friends and wine. It was a perfect evening and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I need to thank all of our friends who make the trek out to Northern Virginia on that rainy night to celebrate with us, and I need to give a special thank you to Mr. NG who helped me plan and organize the event, and of course I need to thank the amazing staff at Vintage Ridge. You did an amazing job, I could not have asked for anything more, and all of our friends could not stop talking about how amazing you were all night. Thank you all, you made it a very special night!

Why Did You March?

I am back to the blog from a long unintentional hiatus and I wanted to write about the National Equality March. The March itself was impressive, I never expected the turnout and that allows the Doctor to get in a lot of I told you sos! The speeches were well prepared and uplifting, and I had a tear in my eye when Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) introduced Judy Shepard. And of course enjoyed Lady Gaga's speech including her thank you to "God and the gays"

But what I really want to write about in the blog is why I marched in the march yesterday. I marched not only because I felt it was the right thing to do. I marched because as daunting as things may be every little step towards equality helps. Every time a law is passed allowing us to get married is a step in the right direction. Every time hate crimes legislation moves forward, we are moving towards equality.

I marched because on Saturday night the Doctor and I got engaged. I marched because I want our marriage to be recognized everywhere, and I want us to have equal rights and protections under the law. When I'm sick I want him to be able to be there in my hospital room with me. I want to be allowed to have all the rights a straight couple does. The rights that are offered to me should not be limited because of who I love.

I marched because last year as you all know I was a victim of a hate crime. A crime that was violent, and a sentence that allowed a gay basher to not serve jail time. This case made me an unlikely activist, and I had to speak out. Hate crime legislation is still in Congress and it needs to be passed.

Our fight is for equality. A speaker yesterday highlighted the difference between acceptance and equality. In many ways GLBTQ community is accepted but we are not equal. In a year or so when I walk down to marry the man of my dreams I want to look up and see him there and know that not only is it a big day for us, but we are setting an example, I want to actually be equal in the eyes of the law. Our love deserves that and much more, and so does the love that many other GLBTQ couples.

That is why I marched, I marched holding my finacees hand, I marched with white blacks, straights, gays children, and adults, and all we are asking for is to be considered equal... is that really to much to ask.