What Not To Wear Jury Duty Edition

OK, I know I am risking coming off bitchy in this post but I can't help it. I walked into the Jury Room this morning and half expected Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear to walk in the door behind me. They didn't and I am now wondering how quickly I could get them to show up for a fashion emergency edition of the show.

I know there is no particular dress code for jury duty and I am dressing more casually for jury duty then I would usually dress for work. I am leaving my ties and dress pants at home but on Friday I wore nice jeans a sweater and a blazer and today I wore a nice sweater and jeans and dress shoes. When I walked into the jury room i saw a college girl wearing her pajama pants, an older woman in a red velour jump suit and a woman wearing a very short black skirt white tights and red shoes.

Here is the thing people, these are not things that you should wear in public at all let alone to jury duty where you are going to be part of the public record. I mean what if this was a high profile case and there were going to be television cameras outside the courthouse. Do you really want to be photographed in your saggy ass pajama pants? And how am I supposed to take you seriously during deliberations if you are wearing my poor deceased (may she rest in peace) grandmothers jumpsuit and jewelry. By the way I won't take you seriously, I will look at you and laugh on the inside and then run home and blog about how ridiculous you look.

I know this sounds mean and I don't think it is necessary for you to go completely in the opposite direction and wear a shirt and tie and business suit. You don't need to bring your fur coat and designer bags but at least get dressed in the morning, don't wear your pj's don't wear your gym attire. Pretend like you care. You at least owe that to the defendant, I know he is probably looking at you and going oh shit I am F*cked!


Anonymous said...

Jeans and dress shoes?? You may as well wear a purple shirt!! Oh wait.....you are, but you would probably call it plum!

sarah deveaux said...

dude, i would pay to actually see you serve on jury duty. i can just hear from all the way here (and that's pretty far) how your answers were to the judge before you were selected! plus i can just see your face.. a face that says "listen dude, i ACTUALLY have work to do, so put the move on it. do i look like i ACTUALLY want to be here?" man i am laughing my ass off just thinking about it