Breakfast Bread

On Sunday we went to Ris for brunch. A good friend of ours work there (please refrain from the waiter jokes) he is a great guy and he has heard all of the waiter jokes from me already. Ris is a new restaurant in DC, and as many of you know, I am way to picky of an eater to write a restaurant review, so I won't do that, I'll just recount a fun story from the morning!

Our friend invited us to come into his restaurant on Sunday to enjoy brunch, and against his better judgement he agreed to be our waiter, so he was asking for it when he got five very picky, and very annoying gay men to wait on. This would probably be his worst nightmare under normal circumstances. We all sat and perused the menu, and stamped our glasses on the table since they had developed rapid leaks and all of the mimosas disappeared. As we reviewed the menu we all had a few questions, of course we had to obnoxiously berate our friend with these questions, and he answered them all in stride, although with a bit of an attitude (normally I would be deducting dollars from his tip in my head but I gave him some slack). And then we all cam across the menu item simply listed as Breakfast Bread...

"Excuse me waiter, what is Breakfast Bread?"

Snarky waiter replies... " I don't know, Toast?"

I reply, "Well then why do you list toast as a separate item two lines above breakfast bread, are you sure it is toast?"

"No, maybe it is some special bread"

In a good humored jest, "Will you mind finding out for us?"

Waiter huffs and leaves the table, we all get a good laugh, of course we don't really care but we are getting some enjoyment out of the scene we are causing. Another woman, the manager I am assuming comes up to the table...

"I apologize for my staffs incompetence, Breakfast Bread is a daily special created by our pastry chef, today's Breakfast bread is a cranberry orange scone"

Our friend returns from the back, smacks me upside the head and we order some breakfast bread for the table, along with our other brunch items. When the five breakfast breads arrive on the table we all grab one and before you know it five cranberry orange scones have been devoured and not even a crumb remains on the table.

It turns out that Breakfast Bread is really good and if you ever go to Ris in Washington DC you should order this breakfast bread. It is not toast but a delightful pastry from an excellent pastry chef. Now I do love carbs but this was my favorite part of the meal. It was even worth being hit for.

I want to thank my friend for putting up with us on Sunday morning, and I want to thank Ris for not kicking us out, and I definitely need to thank the pastry chef!


The other night I was discussing a book I had recently read with the Doctor, I told him that I hadn't written a book review about it because I wasn't quite sure how to without spoiling the book. This book was very conceptual, and the author had to be very crafty to succeed in this concept, and he did. The Doctor suggested that I make a diorama like you do in third grade, and then take a picture of it and post it as my book review on my blog. I laughed, and thought the Doctor was crazy.

I thought about the idea, and then decided that the Doctor might not be so crazy after all, but what would a diorama for this book really look like? It would have to be abstract, because the concept of the book is rather abstract. It would have to show growth in a certain way, and it would have to show how the stories of the characters cross, but it can't be to obvious, not that the story is obvious but I don't want to give anything away. There would need to be shades of grey, but then again, grey wouldn’t express the right energy and emotions.

And then I realized I didn’t have a shoebox… or for that matter any artistic ability, so the diorama idea was probably out of the question, so I grabbed a piece of paper, and started to doodle.

A hand print, parallel lines, stick figures, airplanes, computers, cars, swirls, shading. Blues, red, orange, black, pink! Some words here and there. This madness on my paper all created one story, that all came together in the end. This randomness was an amazing book entitled Await Your Reply… I am sure that the author would be offended with my “art work” that was inspired by the book and by the Doctor, but hey I tried! And I don’t think I give any key points about the book away either!

DD Retirement Home

We were working on a Sunday and it has been a long week. My boss called me on my way into work and asked if I wanted to pick some donuts up for the staff. Since I was still driving in I said sure, "I'll stop by DD on my way there, but I may be a few minutes late."

As I pull into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot I notice that there is an over abundance of Oldsmobile and other large cars, as a matter of fact I drive around the building once and notice that there is no place to park. I wait a few minutes and then spot a car leaving. I pull into the spot and head inside. As I walk in I notice that the line is out the first door, it is a Sunday, so this isn't totally unexpected, but then I look around. The average age of the customer had to be around 80, I was the only one in the Dunkins that didn't have grey hair, and I'm not exaggerating. They were all very nice, and the staff was very efficient. It appears they are used to the Sunday crowd of seniors. The line moved as quickly as a line full of senior citizens can move, and as I approached the cashier politely greeted me and looked at me like I didn't belong!

I ordered the donuts, paid, took one more look around, and sent a message to my boss, " I am just leaving the Dunkin Donuts Retirement Home: The place to be if you are over 80 on a Sunday morning!"

I'm Sorry I Have Been Gone

Dear Blog-

I am sorry that I have been gone for so long, as usual the Holidays are crazy and this year was especially insane. I promise I will return very soon with funny stories about work (Rush is starting soon) and life (after all I am planning a wedding) and all the other random things!

My first post however, will be about my Nook... you know the new e-reader from Barnes and Noble, the device that blows Kindle out of the water! Ummm, yeah I love it. I wasn't sure that I would love it, but I do. It is probably the best money I have spent in the last year (except for the engagement ring). I can download books on the go and they show up on my Nook and I can read them on the train without lugging a multitude of books all over. I have had it for several weeks now and I absolutely love it. I know they are hard to get right now but they are totally worth the wait. Go and order one now I am sure you won't be disappointed!

I promise, I will be back soon with more great posts.