On Reconsidering

Last week was a really rough week for me for obvious reasons. Putting Tipsy to sleep was very hard, and I swore to myself on Tuesday that I would not ever wish harm upon another living thing ever again.

Then I was on the Metro heading home from work on Thursday night. I was exhausted, all I wanted to do was keep my mind off of Tipsy and read my book. I wanted some peace and quiet and while I knew that wasn't going to happen I was hoping to at least get to read. I wasn't going to be that lucky.

About halfway home a mother rolled a double stroller onto the train with two screaming children. These two kids were literally throwing a temper tantrum while the mother was watching them with her feet extended out into the aisle. She said nothing, she just watched and listened to her screaming 2 year old. Then she got fed up and started screaming at the kids.

"Seriously, Jack, Shut the f#ck up"

I was blown away that a mother could talk to her children that way, and that she thought this was the way to control them. At this point I reconsidered my standing on violence and eliminating living things from this world.

If they were sweet and loving like Tipsy, then they should live forever, if they are stupid and annoying and curse at two year old then we should put the asleep immediately!

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