S is Leaving Me

I have known for a while that S is probably going to be moving to NYC for the summer for an internship. I am excited for him, he is doing well in school and working hard to finish up his degree (accounting and finance and stuff). The problem with this is that S may be moving to NYC for the summer.

Over the past three years since I moved back to Boston, S has been here. We talk every day, i see him a few times a week, and Boston will not be the same for me if he isn't here. I know its part of growing up for both of us and growing in our lives. Just seems very odd for us to be in two different cities for more then a couple of days. I am thinking that I am going to have to be making weekend trips to the city.

And then what is going to happen to our Wednesday night tradition, it come from the single simple idea that its really fun to go out and make S serve us drinks, and if S isn't there then it might not be as much fun. S has already told me that I have to go every Wednesday, however, and make sure I remind all of his regulars that he is going to be back in September.

I guess we will see what the future holds, I wish S all the best and more importantly I hope that I can survive without S being in Boston. I am really glad he switched his cell service because we can talk now without worrying.

I still can't believe S is leaving me!

My Jeans Have Been Found

For those of you who have been reading this blog since November you might remember my post from November 24, called S wants to be entertained. It was a good post where I revealed to you all how crazy I really was. Since I don't expect you all to go back and read the post here are some of the basics.

In September I had broken up with R, and since we were practically living together I had a lot of stuff at his house. Most of the things I gathered right after we broke up but I was missing a few things like a pair of jeans and a few DVD's and stuff. Back in November, right before Thanksgiving I went over to pick up these things, with plans to wear the jeans I had left out that night. The problem was my ex was asleep and his twin brother let me in to claim my stuff, I couldn't wake him up and I left without my jeans. I was very sad.

Well, on Wednesday night I went out to S's bar, a part of our usual Wednesday night tradition and R was there as well. Things are good and they have been for a while, we talk all the time about everything and we hang out when we are out together. There is no anger and throwing things when we see each other so it is very healthy. The best part is he found my jeans and remembered to bring them out so I could get them at the end of the night. I was really excited. It turns out that the jeans were in his brothers closet and since all three of us wore the same size our clothes got mixed up when we would do laundry. So, it turns out that I wasn't wandering around Boston without my pants on!

I know that it is a little thing, but the little things are very important and I am so happy that I have my jeans back. Now, I just need to build up some energy so I can wear them out soon. Going to have to be next week I think, I had too much fun on Wednesday!

A Warning

For those of you who ride on the train I am warning you now... if you do not let me get off of the train before you try to push yourself through the doors I will push you out of my way and run you over and step on you if you fall down.

I am so frustrated with people trying to get on the train and not letting other people get off. The train is not going to leave without you just let me get off so I can go home!

Oh, and I am serious!

What Stinks?

Today we got in a new line of aromatherapy products and I am sure that they smell very nice one on one but the problem is when you pile six concentrated and contrasting scents onto one small round table the smell is overpowering. My eyes were watering for a good portion of the day as the the odor permeated into my office. Customers were even asking what that smell was!

My guess, we are going to be marking these down to 50% off and then a buck after about 30 days. I just hope I can get used to them.

Like A Shrink... But Free

I love my blog, I posted my Super Duper Catch Up Post and I realized that I felt much better. Its like a went to a shrink and talked about all of the things that stress me out and make me crazy and I didn't have to pay a thing.

I think that this blogging thing may be very healthy for all those people who are stressed out like me. It allows me to vent and its free!

Super Duper Catch Up Post

OK so I am in the midst of another twenty odd days without a day off and I have let my blogging fall behind which makes me quite sad. So I am sitting down now and getting everybody caught up on the things that are going on at work, outside of work, and in my crazy mind. Please note that this post may be even more random then normal and some sections may just be a line long... so here we go...

Caps and Gowns: AKA Fat People in Skinny Clothing

At my new store we do cap and gown rental, and in order for students to walk at graduation they need to prove that the either rented or purchased a gown from my store. Renting a gown is very easy and relatively inexpensive considering what you pay for your education and your textbooks. The only thing I need for you to rent a gown is your height, your cap size and your weight. The weight is where the problem lies... your gown is supposed to be loose fitting but i am very worried that some of these students are going to be walking in skin tight gowns because they are all lying about their weight. I had one girl who was my height and clearly weighed more then I do (145) write down that she was 85lbs. I know that weight is a sensitive subject and I am not going to have you weight embroidered in huge gold letters on the back of your gown so please be honest or you are going to look ridiculous getting your diploma (and then you are going to blame me the bookstore because you are a liar).

American Idol: Sanjaya is Gone Thank Goodness

It took long enough but last week they finally voted off the dork that was ruining the Idol experience for us true idol fans. Sanjaya Malankar is finally gone, I hated him almost as much as I hated Antonella Barba, I was so excited when he was voted off that I almost did a back flip in my living room.


For the past three weeks I have been reading the same book, I actually really love the book and the writing is excellent, the problem is the story gets a bit hard to follow sometimes and on a couple of occasions I need to stop and reread paragraphs or look up works. I feel like I have hit a reading road block but I am going to keep on pushing and hopefully finish by may. So much for being a fast reader. But I do recommend The Savage Detectives by Bolano to any real reader, especially if you are smarter then me.

Revolving Doors and Escalators

Okay, I can see you now all rolling your eyes and going what could possibly be interesting about revolving doors and escalators, and before I worked in retail I would have said the same thing. But last week I was working on the upper level of my store and observed three people get stuck trying to navigate through the revolving door with suitcases strollers and multiple people in one section of the revolving door. I mean people really its not that hard, one person, with no luggage and no strollers. When you try to stretch the boundaries of a revolving door it will hurt you, or you will get stuck and feel like an idiot, and I will laugh. Now, moving on to escalators, these contraptions are actually just moving stairs, if for some reason these stairs stop moving then you can still use them by walking up and down them, it really not that hard and there is no need to approach a bookseller to ask if there is any way to get downstairs. You can do it all by yourself!

My Inventory Tour

I am on tour this week, yes my 2007 inventory tour started and has three Boston area stops. Its started on Sunday and continues today and my final stop is next Sunday at my old store. I am already hearing the beeping from the PDT's that RGIS carries, and seeing strings of numbers in my sleep.

Hot or Cold

The weather really needs to make up its mind, it was freezing early last week and it was 80 and sunny today. I would have preferred some sort of spring but I know that is asking for too much here in Boston. So, lets hope that it at least stays warm.

Rollerblading Incidents and Sunburns

Now that the weather has warmed up I have been walking around the city a lot (due to my hatred for public transportation) and a need to enjoy the few hours I have outdoors. So on Saturday I went on my first rollerblading trip around the Charles this season, I love rollerblading on the Charles and it was so nice that I was able to put on a tank top shorts and my sunglasses and skate for over two hours with my I-pod blaring my music, it was a great workout and it was so much fun. This year my first skate of the season was uneventful but in the past I have almost ended up in the river or one very unlucky I flipped head first over a stroller. The one thing that always happens on my first skate however, is I get a bit of a sunburn, it is usually the first nice day of the year and I always fail to put on suntan lotion, yes I forgot again this year and I have silly tan (errr burn) lines again.

New Phone

I got a new phone two weeks ago, I love it! I had to fight with Verizon to get it but I rarely loose a fight, I know the ins and outs of retail and I take advantage of the fact that the customer is always right!


Before I close out this post I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families affected by the tragedy at Virgina Tech last week. I was shocked and depressed and amazed at what this world is coming to. Time is said to heal all wounds, but I want to know what is going to heal our society as a whole.

That's all for this post, I am sure it is plenty for the few of you who read my post to read, yes you S and K! And K I posted something other then mice and vomit so you can continue reading!

Good Morning, Here is a Mouse

You know that your day is not going to be good when you walk in and the first thing you have to do is dispose of two mice that are stuck on a sticky trap in the lower level break room. When I walked in yesterday morning I immediately heard a high pitched scream from the break room. This is not a noise you want to here at 9:15 am, when you were hoping to get in early just to get a little bit of extra work done. I walk in and see two of my employees standing on a bench in the middle of the break room. Yeah, I have seen this before and I immediately asked where the mouse was. They gestured to the corner and I saw two mice still twitching stuck to a glue trap, I went to the office, grabbed two plastic bags, put one over my hand and grabbed the trap and put it in the other bag. I walked out back and disposed of the animals (don't ask what I did).

You know that your day is going to be rough when within the first 15 minutes you have to dispose of live animals stuck on glue. About 45 minutes later a manager is paged to customer service, I was on the upper level so I walked up to customer service and noticed that the store smelled a bit funny.

O says, "Umm, I think we have a problem," as she points to the entrance of the store.

I look over and notice that there is a puddle of puke that numerous customers have apparently blindly walked through and tracked into the store. I don't deal well with this, at least not as well as I can deal with the mice. So I need to run downstairs and fill the mop bucket and drag up the mop to clean up the mess. I am moping and cleaning with my shirt pulled up over my nose and customers are continuously walking through what I am doing until one finally stops and says...

"Hey, did you know that somebody threw up all over the floor here!"

Yeah, I noticed, that's why I am here with a mop cleaning up the mess. If I hadn't noticed then at this moment you would be walking through a puddle of vomit. Quite honestly if you are this stupid then I kind of wish you had walked in not noticed and slipped and fell ass first into this puddle Captain Obvious.

Man, it was going to be a rough day!

Mobey on My Pocket

I have been telling people about this all week and since I haven't posted in close to two weeks, I figure what better work story to make a blogging comeback with.

We have an ad online looking for a couple of new full time employees at my store, we always get some interesting applicants when we post ads online, I guess it is to be expected but what I really don't understand is how come people applying for jobs don't have somebody proofread the correspondence. I am an awful speller, I write in run on sentences sometimes. I dangle my participles and use the wrong words every once in a while. However, if I am applying for a job or if working on important business correspondence I make sure that somebody proofreads what I am writing.

On Tuesday I received an email from an applicant whose objective (as listed on her resume) was "To have a job." I guess this is a good objective, and it is the reason why we all go on interviews but not what you really want to write down as the first thing on your resume. After I read through her god awful resume I closed the file and took a quick look at her cover email and discovered the following line...

"I want to have a job to put mobey on my pocket" This one line defined the online hiring process. You never know what you get! All of the applicants want to put mobey on their pockets but they just can't seem to find a job. Seriously, who doesn't look at what they are writing and don't realize how stupid they look? How are they ever going to get a real full time job if they are writing to all of the employers that they want to put mobey on their pockets? I mean I am thinking now that the blogger spell checker is going to go nuts before it allows me to post this since it says mobey everywhere!

This became the in store joke this week, I had to share this resume with the other managers! Hey C, do you want to work an extra hour today... you can put a little extra mobey on your pocket! M, guess what? Today is payday, it will be nice to finally have some mobey on my pocket. G, make sure you put that mobey in the register and don't just put that mobey on your pocket. Are you laughing yet, we were laughing all week at this poor girl who wanted mobey on her pocket.

This isn't the only one we had that was ridiculous this week, one person had some first aid experience and wrote that she had, "training to save live people" and another women whose long run on objective sentence said she wanted to work in an "upcoming and growing work job." So after all of these I have figured out what I am going to do after I leave the retail world, I am going to run classes on how to write resumes and conduct yourself at interviews. After a few more years of this I am pretty sure that I will have seen everything.

But I am not sure how "Mobey on my pocket" will ever be topped.

My First Born

My first born child must go to Stop and Shop in Poughkeepsie New York, and here is why...

One of the fine traditions at the church where my family goes for Easter service is that many families bring flowers to the church. I remembered this while I was in Stop and Shop this afternoon picking up a few items for the family. I have really bad allergies especially to flowers and I forgot my allergy medicine in Boston. Since I was in the supermarket I went up to the pharmacy counter and asked if they carried Claritin, the pharmacist informed me that they did and handed me a clipboard with a form on the top.

I apparently needed to fill out this form and leave a copy of my drivers license in order to buy Claritin. This form had all sorts of questions on it including "Intended use of this product." Hmmmm, well considering it is allergy medicine I think I am going to consume it when I am worried that I am going to sneeze and cough and have watery eyes. But i was tempted to write, "I intend to use these 10 pills to make illegal drugs." Obviously, this is would have been a bad answer, but do they think that the people who are going to use this medicine to make meth are going to honestly answer the question? "Intended use of product- Drug making"

So many questions and 10 minutes to fill out the form, they practically wanted my first born child, all so I wouldn't sneeze in church.