Rules For Running an Adult Kickball League

1) Ensure you get permits so that you can play on the fields PRIOR to the start of the season. One can not play kickball without a field. Playing kickball in busy streets is dangerous.

2) At the beginning of the season make sure you provide your players and coaches with all the materials necessary in order to have a successful season.

3) Rule 3 piggybacks on rule 2- Make sure all of the players have a team t-shirt by the start of the season- it helps when the players know what team they are on when playing. Lack of t-shirts leads to balls being thrown at teammates heads (not good)

4) When your players provide you with their credit card information to pay for the most expensive tshirts in the world (and registration fee) charge them within a respectable amount of time. Do not wait until 3 months later to charge a credit card, that's disrespectful and ILLEGAL!!

5) Another piggybacking rule- Once you have charged them the insane amount for a t-shirt, don't try to charge them again three months later. Once again that is an unethical practice.

6) When players have a question or concern you must answer them in a timely manner. Don't wait 3 weeks to return an email.

7) Be respectful of your players- it is never a good idea to be rude and unkind to your players. If you are rude to too many players your league will fall apart because you can't have a kickball team without players.

8) This is the most important rule... Don't mess with the queens... They will get bitchy and ruin your day! As soon as the queens start to rebel you league is destined to fail. They talk and the news of a poorly run league will spread like wildfire.

Following these rules will help you have a successful year, good luck, and remember don't miss the ball when trying to kick it, your teammates will laugh.


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Urban Talk With Urban Divas said...

I'm trying to start my own kickball league and I'm able to find just about everything to buy for kickball but nothing on steps to follow to start a league, can anyone help me???

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you talked about making sure everyone has team T-shirts before the season starts. I have been thinking about joining a kickball league, but I wasn't sure how to prepare. I can see how it would be good to get a shirt before, so there isn't confusion later.