The Bookstore Gods

So the last few weeks have been crazy with end of term book buyback, and because I don't have a floor manager I had to run my in store buybacks and my offsite buyback by myself... the result is that on the busiest day I walked 15 miles and my feet were bleeding. I am serious it was a really crazy week... the good news was it started to die down today, so I started prepping my floor for summer term, which starts on Monday. This required my to disassemble and reassemble some shelves, this is where the problems occured.

The shelves are actually pretty easy to take apart and reattach, but they are large, cumbersome, and sharp. I had to remove the center board from the top so I stood precariously on the fifth step of an eight foot ladder and pulled up, the board begins to move and I lean back to make sure I don't lose my balance. As I make my way down the ladder with the center board, my arms fully extended I feel my pants catch on something as I turn. I move forward and my pants are released, but not without damage. Yes, I ripped the butt of my pants. Thank goodness I was wearing decent underwear, and that it was high enough on my pants that when I untucked my shirt it was covered.

About an hour later as I begin to reconstruct the shelving I move the ladder out of the way and prop it up on the wall next to me. I am leaning over putting shelves in when an employee comes by with a cart and taps one of the legs of the ladder causing it to slide, as it begins to teeter I hear the noise, look up just in time for the metal ladder to slam down on my hard head and knock me to the ground.

Man, the bookstore gods really hate me today!

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