I'm Back... Sorry I Was Gone for So Long

It has been an incredibly long time since I have written on this blog. Things have changed a little bit but things remain the same in a lot of ways as well. It has been months since the end of the wedding contest, but things have remained busy, and The Doctor and I are still referred to as "The Crate and Barrel Boys" and have even been asked to deliver a few speeches at events. Because of all of this I have lost track of writing for this blog, as well as the other blog which I have decided to abandon.

I am sorry for those of you who miss my snarkiness and don't appreciate some politics in this blog (not like I have a ton of followers) but you can read those posts you like and ignore other posts. I am going to make an effort to write here a couple times a week. The idea behind the blog will remain the same, it is about things going on in my life and mind.

It may also serve as some good practice because I may be writting something more professionally in the coming months... more to come on that well, in the coming months!

For now, here is an article I posted on the other blog, that I particularly like, and I don't want to lose, more original and first time stuff coming soon! It's good to be back!

Peter Pan and Equality

I read this story about the "Peter Pan Syndrome" in gay men. It got me thinking a little bit, sure some among us don't want to grow up. Sure many do stupid things. Yes, some gay men are reckless. This is not however, a reason to deny us rights, we shouldn't assume that because some of us act like children we should be denyed equal rights. Plenty of straight men and women act like children. Plenty of straight gay men and women cheat on spouses (Hello, Tiger Woods and Jesse James) and engage in unsafe actions. I would agree that there is an epedemic of drug use in the LGBT community, and while I won't assign blame I will say that the lack of acceptance and feeling alone can lead one to the false high one gets while using drugs. Is this a reason to deny us the right to marry the one we love? Are these actions a reason to deny an entire community rights? I don't think so! Nobody is talking about denying Tiger Woods the right to marry, and my guess is if he does get married again he may even cheat again.

The author, who is a self proclaimed conservative says, "There is a delicious set of ironies coming from the gay pseudo-world that doesn’t escape the public eye. This nebulous community wants validation and recognition in the form of same-sex marriage, ending DADT and comprehensive employment non-discrimination (ENDA.) Yet, what have you been doing to earn society’s respect? Creating a Bohemian underworld in some dark corner of a bathroom stall? Spiraling into a G-hole? Killing your own?" There are also many people who are out and proud, and honorable. We want validation because it is the right thing to do for society. We want validation because we want to grow up, and many of us are working hard and contributing to society.

I am not sure why this article got under my skin, maybe it is because it is validating the discrimination we face everyday. It is saying, yes discrimination is probably bad, but here is why you deserve it! Well, I am not going to mince my words here and that is a load of crap! All human beings deserve the respect of society and they deserve to be treated as equals. Acceptance is key.

I absolutely agree that some people gay or straight need to grow up. They need to learn to be a productive member of society. But in a country founded on the basis that all men are created equal we should all be treated as equal! Oh, and by the way I will continue to "screetch" for acceptance and equality!

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