Reality TV with Morals?

Last night I was surprised with America's Next Top Model. I generally dont watch this show for any reason other than watching bitchy self centered girls get pissed at each other. And quite honestly I also believe that Tyra takes herself way too seriously.

Last night however something was different. The photoshoot focused on bullying. Each of the models needed to reveal the one word that taunted them as a child, and then they also had to come up with a new empowerment word. These words were then written on their body, and the photo was supposed to represent them overcoming this bullying and sending a positive message.

There were tearful confessions about how all these girls were bullied for being different. Some you felt bad for others you might not have. But one struck me. One girl admitted she was a lesbian and the word that she was taunted by was "queer" and she was concerned about having queer written on her body. I have to admit I was concerned for her as well, and how the show was going to handle it. I could not imagine what would happen if the show allowed for a girl to have the n word written on her. If done incorrectly this could have been mistaken for a photo used as evidence for a hate crime.

However, this model was strong, her empowerment word was free, and this word was written powerfully on her neck. And even though she was tearful you could also see how strong she was. In one single picture, one beautiful picture she established herself as a role model for strong free women everywhere. For once I was in awe.

This episode made a statement about bullying, it made a statement about struggling with coming out, and then during final judging it touched on health and body dysmorphia. The girl voted off (who was a bitch) also looked unhealthy. She thought she was overweight at 110 pounds and needed to lose weight. She saw nothing wrong with her body. But she was eliminated because of this. I only hope that the show will provide her with the help that's she desperately needs.

Hmmm, who woulda thought strong public statements on America's Next Top Model... Maybe Tyra really is the goddess she believes she is... Errr maybe not!

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