Almost One Year Part 1

This week marks the one year anniversary for the blog, its kind of weird to go back and take a look at what I have been through in the past year. I had a birthday, I went through Christmas in my old store, I got a promotion and my assistant got my old job. I started a new job, had jury duty, read over 20 books. I had fights, had first dates both good and bad, fell for a boy (we will see where that goes). The cats were sick, had some moments of being depressed, I got angry and happy, went on vacation, went on business trips, Britney even shaved her head, I guess it has been a crazy year for lots of people!

So what I decided to do this week, leading up to my birthday, and the one year anniversary of this blog was to revisit some of my favorite posts and maybe even comment on some of the posts I have made. Starting from some of my original posts back last November.

November 14, 2006 The Not So Artful Interview- this is one of my favorite posts, and I really wish that all of the candidates that were coming in for interviews would read this post.

November 24, 2006 S Wants to Be Entertained- This is when you all first realized that I was crazy, now you expect it but I think it caught a few of you by surprise at first.

December 6, 2006 Day 12.5 Who Invited the 80's Back- No seriously who invited the 80's back? It is not okay.

December 7, 2006 Day 14 I Can Share the Good News and Bibles- Where I announced my promotion and introduced my readers to the Bible Lady... yes she eats the bible!

December 11, 2006 Day 18 We Had an Emergency- Woman gets locked in bathroom- must save her by prying doors off hinges!

December 19, 2006 Day 26 I Don't Speak Crazy- This is a recurring topic and issue, but I am sorry, I just don't speak crazy so I don't understand what you crazy people want.

January 24, 2007 Note to self...- It is always a bad idea to read text messages when you are in meetings, especially at a new job. This was all S's fault.

February 8, 2007 Ojos Asi y Comiendo Mierda- I really, Really, REALLY hate it when people go to the gym and don't work out. The gym is not the place to have phone conversations and complete business strategies.

February 19, 2007 Cone Heads- After poor Bob had the unfortunate operation and had to spend two weeks wearing a cone around his head I discovered and ingenious plan to stop the idiots of the world! I would strap cones around their heads and force them to wear them around for extended periods of time. It really is a great idea!

February 21, 2007 My Favorite News Story- Britney Spears shaved her head, I named her my first real life person to get a cone, unfortunately nobody took me seriously and she has totally lost control, even today 7 months later. If only the Cone Head plan had been adopted worldwide.

Well there are a few months worth, I had a lot of favorites in December because it was such a busy time for me. I have some other favorites I will share in Part 2, coming up later this week

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