Funny Looks For Funny Books

One of the first books I read when I started riding the T to work was Getting Stoned with Savages. Remember I was getting funny looks on the train when I was reading this book, and I even left it on the train one morning in a fit of discombobulation. Well, I enjoyed this book and the only reason I read his second book first was because my old store didn't have Sex Lives of Cannibals in stock when I bought the second book.

So, the last book I finished reading was Troost's first book, The Sex Lives of Cannibals, this book is not about sex or cannibals, although it does remotely touch on these subjects, this book is about the author and his time he spend with his wife on an equatorial atoll in the Pacific. An atoll is a coral reef that reaches above sea level to form an island.

Not only was I reading this book on the train, and getting funny looks, much like the ones I received for reading Getting Stoned with Savages, but I also go very funny looks on the plane ride to Rochester from fellow passengers. I still don't understand the need to look at me funny for the books I choose to read. This title is a perfectly legitimate book about an authors travels in a foreign land. It looks at the cultural differences of this nation and how it effected the author. I learned things that I would not have otherwise known. No the authors writing wasn't exquisite, and no it was not an earth shattering book, but it is also not Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel, and I don't look at you all funny for reading that shit. Well, maybe I do!

Now, for those of you who don't approve of my previous choices, I am currently reading Shakespeare: The World as Stage, by Bill Bryson. This is not a usual selection for me, especially since I hated William Shakespeare in high school and college. But, it is after all by Bill Bryson and I do love Mr. Bryson, so when I only had 80 pages left to read of Sex Lives of Cannibals I decided to borrow it from the store. I am about 100 pages into the book and so far, so good, it is not my favorite Bryson, but it is entertaining and a fast read. I have even learned a few interesting facts about the playwright- like there is no place where his name is spelled the same. I guess when I finish I will have to let you all know how I feel about Mr. Shakespeare!

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