Wow, July is already gone and it has been a long rough month. I was traveling for work for 2 weeks and in between that I had to travel for other things. In the past 5 weeks I have been in...

Boston (5 days)
Rochester NY (2 times)
Washington DC
and Wappingers Falls NY

I was going to go to NYC as well but I figured that may be too much. I have no idea how people travel this much. I was exhausted and I have never been so happy to be in my house.

I have a lot of things going on in my life as well, most of them I can't share quite yet on this blog but needless to say some changes are coming. Change- while I should be used to it, scares the ever living shit out of me. As soon as I know what is going to happen and I can share things I will.

Other things going on... yeah I really don't know what else is going on, well I guess I do but I can't formulate sentences at this point. I have tons of open positions in my store, if you want to work in a bookstore in the Boston area please let me know!

While I was doing all of this traveling I finished a couple books

1) I Was Told There'd Be Cake- it was freaking funny, she is the same age as me and I related to a lot of her stories and her cultural references

2) Candy Everybody Wants- It was good but nowhere near as good as I'm Not Myself These Days. But it was good trash to keep me entertained while I was busy and traveling. Which reminds me- holy plane delays Batman- I spend about 20 hours this month stuck in airports because of delays. Flying home from both DC and Rochester was a nightmare (stupid US Airways).

3) I am about 80 pages into Our Man in Havana- it is quite good I am enjoying it.

I will try to keep you all involved in what is happening and I will try to post more regularly but right now I am not making any promises, but I will try!

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