A Story in Just Six Words

Well, if I can get the title of this post done in six words then I guess I can come up with a story in six words....

I've been tagged by Jennifer over at Bibliolatry (http://bookworship.blogspot.com) to write a story in six words. I thought about this one for a little bit and much like Jennifer I tend to over analyze things. I decided that I would continue on her them for a six word story. (And if you think six words is easy you are wrong). Her story was:

Smiling grimly, she plotted her revenge.

My story which may be immediately connected or come some time in the distant future is:

Evil laughter was heard for miles.

OK so its not creative but it captures the essence of me, which is that of an evil man.

So now I guess I need to tag a few people so I am going to tag kea over at Kea's Blog (http://crackedpepperandbooks.blogspot.com) and Andi over at Estella's Revenge (http://estellasrevenge.blogspot.com). Well that is two at least and if anybody else wants to give it a shot please feel free to do so.


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