I Am Not Making This Up

The book I am currently reading is A Short History of Nearly Everything, I was oddly excited to tackle this Bryson book because as most of you know, I love Bill Bryson. I knew this title was going to be a challenge mainly because its a science book that covers topics like physics and astronomy. But Bryson has a way of making topics that are generally out of my reach (such as Shakespeare) oddly attainable. I knew this book was going to take me a few weeks to get through but today the time it is going to take for me to read this book increased.

I was reading it on the train home, I am about 65 pages in. I get on the orange line, find a seat and sit down. I have my BlackBerry out and I am checking facebook and sending a text message because I can multitask (or I am ADHD). About three stops from home the man next to me asks me what book I am reading, I tell him and he seems to express some interest so I show him.

We approach the next stop and the door opens, the man next to me grabs my book and runs out the door of the train! I sit there shocked for a second, and by the time I react it is too late for me to get my book back.

I immediately send the Doctor a text message... "I know what I am blogging about tonight."


Bibliolatrist said...

LOL - that's kinda awesome.

Andi said...

Ha! I'm more or less speechless. That's crazy.

Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness.

As upsetting as that would be, I'm excited that someone cares enough about reading to steal a book!

Stephanie Selvick said...

Oh. My. God. He stole your book. That's thievery to a new and unimaginable level.

Anonymous said...

that shiiii is craayyyyyzeee girl. Now suck mah cockateil