The Best Ideas Ever

The following are two of the best ideas ever. One of these ideas is currently in action, the other one is not but I am not sure how to institute it.

Grilled Cheese 24/7- So Saturday after going out we walked back to our neighborhood and as always is the case at 2:30 in the morning we were hungry. In Boston there would be no options, in DC we have tons, but the best option was Grilled Cheese and mashed potatoes. There was a line at the Diner which is open 24/7 but hey if I can get grilled cheese at 3am I will. I am convinced that being able to get homemade grilled cheese at 3am with fresh mashed potatoes is the best thing in the world. Have I mentioned that I love grilled cheese!

Restrooms On The Metro- Ok so this is just the best idea in the world because I always need to go to the bathroom on my walk home. And I am sure that logistically it would be a very big problem, but when I am on the train for an hour and a half i need a place to go. Nobdoy wants me to go behind a seat now do they.

Anyway those are just two great ideas. I am sure I will have others. Not sure that any will top grilled cheese at 3am... and that wasn't even mine!


jeffrey said...

a Bostonian response:

1. 24 hour grilled cheese? South street diner near new England medical.

2. Commuter rails in Boston have them.

Pwned ;-)

Andi said...

Hmmm, pretty sure I'm going to have to go make a grilled cheese now.