Bolt Bus and My Blackberry

I am hoping that this post goes through because I am writing it on the Bolt Bus and technology has not been liking me very much today.

As some of you know I have become very dependent on my Blackberry since I got it a little over a year ago, and while I love it, I also hate it. The problem is my original Pearl was great and I never had problems with it, and then it was stolen out of my office at my other store. It as all downhill from there as they replace your new device with a refurbished device, and none of them ever worked right from that point forward. It was rather devastating and in the year I have had to go for 4 replacement devices. I was giving up on the Pearl, but wanted to hold off on buying a new phone until I had my condo in Boston rented.

And then it happened, right as I was sending a message to the Doctor to wish him a good night I got an input error on my phone, usually when it gets one of these it will restart and allow you to send what you were typing. But not last night. Instead I had an input error and shut down. I didn't start to panic until I couldn't get it to restart. Then I had no idea how I was going to live without my lifeline.

It didn't start up at all , so before I got on the bus today I went to Verizon, and the news got worse, while they would replace my phone they were not going to be able to transfer any of the 300 contacts in there. Literally this is my life including codes for alarms and all sorts of phone numbers. All of it was gone and there was no way for me to get it back. Yes, I know I am supposed to sync my blackberry to my computer to make sure that the numbers are saved there, but I have no way of knowing how to do that right.

So now I have a new Blackberry Storm, and I love it but I wish I had everybody's contact. I miss some of you people. Please let me know if I haven't contacted you in a while, I may not be able to.

ETA: Obviously the Bolt Bus technology didn't like me either because this post never posted! Just my luck.

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