New Cool Thingy

So while I have ben away from Blogger they added a new feature where you can add a playlist to your blog. So I added a song to the playlist for now because I wanted to have this feature and right now it is my favorite song of the moment which is...

Just Dance by Lady Gaga

Yeah I know, gay, but i love this song.

And while we are on the topic of music, The Doctor got me XM radio for my birthday (and diamonds for Christmas). XM is such a great invention and you get to hear all of those songs that you haven't heard in years. Her are some of our favorites from our drive back from New York on Thanksgiving...

Opera Trance
Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
All the new Rihanna songs
Just Dance
The entire 80's Channel
Most of the 90's Channel
and BPM

I am sure I will add some more songs to my playlist but for now, Just Dance... it'll be okay.

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