Why Did You March?

I am back to the blog from a long unintentional hiatus and I wanted to write about the National Equality March. The March itself was impressive, I never expected the turnout and that allows the Doctor to get in a lot of I told you sos! The speeches were well prepared and uplifting, and I had a tear in my eye when Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) introduced Judy Shepard. And of course enjoyed Lady Gaga's speech including her thank you to "God and the gays"

But what I really want to write about in the blog is why I marched in the march yesterday. I marched not only because I felt it was the right thing to do. I marched because as daunting as things may be every little step towards equality helps. Every time a law is passed allowing us to get married is a step in the right direction. Every time hate crimes legislation moves forward, we are moving towards equality.

I marched because on Saturday night the Doctor and I got engaged. I marched because I want our marriage to be recognized everywhere, and I want us to have equal rights and protections under the law. When I'm sick I want him to be able to be there in my hospital room with me. I want to be allowed to have all the rights a straight couple does. The rights that are offered to me should not be limited because of who I love.

I marched because last year as you all know I was a victim of a hate crime. A crime that was violent, and a sentence that allowed a gay basher to not serve jail time. This case made me an unlikely activist, and I had to speak out. Hate crime legislation is still in Congress and it needs to be passed.

Our fight is for equality. A speaker yesterday highlighted the difference between acceptance and equality. In many ways GLBTQ community is accepted but we are not equal. In a year or so when I walk down to marry the man of my dreams I want to look up and see him there and know that not only is it a big day for us, but we are setting an example, I want to actually be equal in the eyes of the law. Our love deserves that and much more, and so does the love that many other GLBTQ couples.

That is why I marched, I marched holding my finacees hand, I marched with white blacks, straights, gays children, and adults, and all we are asking for is to be considered equal... is that really to much to ask.

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