DD Retirement Home

We were working on a Sunday and it has been a long week. My boss called me on my way into work and asked if I wanted to pick some donuts up for the staff. Since I was still driving in I said sure, "I'll stop by DD on my way there, but I may be a few minutes late."

As I pull into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot I notice that there is an over abundance of Oldsmobile and other large cars, as a matter of fact I drive around the building once and notice that there is no place to park. I wait a few minutes and then spot a car leaving. I pull into the spot and head inside. As I walk in I notice that the line is out the first door, it is a Sunday, so this isn't totally unexpected, but then I look around. The average age of the customer had to be around 80, I was the only one in the Dunkins that didn't have grey hair, and I'm not exaggerating. They were all very nice, and the staff was very efficient. It appears they are used to the Sunday crowd of seniors. The line moved as quickly as a line full of senior citizens can move, and as I approached the cashier politely greeted me and looked at me like I didn't belong!

I ordered the donuts, paid, took one more look around, and sent a message to my boss, " I am just leaving the Dunkin Donuts Retirement Home: The place to be if you are over 80 on a Sunday morning!"


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