The other night I was discussing a book I had recently read with the Doctor, I told him that I hadn't written a book review about it because I wasn't quite sure how to without spoiling the book. This book was very conceptual, and the author had to be very crafty to succeed in this concept, and he did. The Doctor suggested that I make a diorama like you do in third grade, and then take a picture of it and post it as my book review on my blog. I laughed, and thought the Doctor was crazy.

I thought about the idea, and then decided that the Doctor might not be so crazy after all, but what would a diorama for this book really look like? It would have to be abstract, because the concept of the book is rather abstract. It would have to show growth in a certain way, and it would have to show how the stories of the characters cross, but it can't be to obvious, not that the story is obvious but I don't want to give anything away. There would need to be shades of grey, but then again, grey wouldn’t express the right energy and emotions.

And then I realized I didn’t have a shoebox… or for that matter any artistic ability, so the diorama idea was probably out of the question, so I grabbed a piece of paper, and started to doodle.

A hand print, parallel lines, stick figures, airplanes, computers, cars, swirls, shading. Blues, red, orange, black, pink! Some words here and there. This madness on my paper all created one story, that all came together in the end. This randomness was an amazing book entitled Await Your Reply… I am sure that the author would be offended with my “art work” that was inspired by the book and by the Doctor, but hey I tried! And I don’t think I give any key points about the book away either!

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