Remember When

I was very lucky as a child, I had the opportunity to travel on airplanes with my family on trips around the US. I have never really been afraid of flying because it was always a fun, exciting, and comfortable experience for me. I remember getting on the plane and being greeted by smiling friendly flight attendants (stewardesses back then) who would take an interest in every child as if it were there own. And really, why just smile when you could coo, gush, and give presents to these young travelers. Now obviously over the past 27 years I have grown older, I don't expect flight attendants and start talking me in baby talk, I don't expect them to go all mushy on me, as a matter of fact if they did I would be a little weirded out. i do however, expect them to be friendly and polite, and willing to help all passengers in a kind courteous way. It is a business after all, and just like I expect my employees to treat customers with dignity and respect, the airlines should expect the same from their flight crews.

Lately I have found flight attendants rude, unattractive, unprofessional and sometimes downright mean to passengers. The one exception to this rule is Jet Blue, they may not have the best on time flights, but they have always been respectful and helpful, plus they give you cool little TV's to watch.

1) Rude flight attendants- On my flight to Rochester for business yesterday I was confronted by a very rude flight attendant. This flight is a business shuttle flight with all suits and expense accounts, these are all people who fly on a regular basis. The flight attendant was blatantly absent as we boarded yesterday, and when she did appear she got on the loudspeaker and without any formalities or introductions told everybody to take their seats because we were late and needed to take off. She then went over the in-flight safety instructions and when she was finished she went up to people and yelled at those who were not paying attention. She even asked me if I knew where my flotation device was. I was of course snotty and responded, "Yes my seat can be used as a flotation device in case of emergency." I also pointed out the exit doors and then asked the flight attendant how many oceans we would be flying over on our way from Boston to Rochester! For all you geography nuts the answer is none so if the plane were to crash I don't think I would need the seat flotation.

2) Unattractive flight attendants- I am a gay man, but I have a problem with unattractive flight attendants. Its just the way it always was, I guess I don't like change, but shouldn't these women (and men) at least be mildly attractive. Isn't that part of the romance of flying?

3) Unprofessional flight attendants- The Delta flight attendants on my recent trip to Florida were wearing T-shirts and jeans. The looked sloppy and unprofessional. I didn't feel like I could trust these people if there was a sudden emergency on the plane. I know it is all outward appearance but it means a lot to people like me. I feel like I can trust a professionally dressed flight attendant more than I can trust a slob with a seat belt that is not attached to anything, you need to look the part for me to trust you!

4) Downright rude flight attendants- aforementioned bitch from my flight to Rochester was just not a nice person. After we got in the air a passenger inappropriately stood up a bit to early and started to move towards the bathroom. Nobody on the plane thought anything of it, but the flight attendant got on the intercom and berated this man for standing up to soon. He blushed and ran back to his chair, but I think he may have peed his pants on the flight. There was really no need for her to yell at him over the intercom.

Right now I am sitting in the airport terminal in Rochester, hoping that my flight back to Boston is a pleasant one, with charming and witty and attractive flight attendants. I always enjoy those flights. There are still great flight attendants out there- like my hilarious woman who cracked jokes with all the passengers on a recent trip back from Indiana, its just not the same as it used to be, I remember why flying was always an enjoyable experience, even on a bad flight. Soon they are just going to vacuum pack us and ship us on our way, that way they can fit 900 people on one little putt putt plane.


a guy said...

I enjoyed this as I too remember in "the good old days" flying as a fun and exciting experience. I know the TSA is working to make us safe but what an ordeal. I wonder if the flight attendants are just drained from dealing with so many people arriving at the door of the plane ticked off from security?

curious said...

Great post

I'm with you up to the unattractive. Sure beautiful women and handsome men would be a treat to find on board - But I think that is a joyous bonus.

Just because God didn't give someone the attractive gene they don't get a job?

I would go with neatly groomed and properly attired.

JRH456 said...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate your input and I do understand that the attractive part may have gone too far but it is part of the romance of flying that I remember.

I would def however be fine if they were kind and neatly attired and groomed.