I was closing the store by myself the other day and I somehow managed to trigger the fire alarm. At first I wasn't sure what I had done and as I was looking at the panel it started to screech at me. Within minutes the campus police are pounding on the door and fire trucks are on the way.

I try to convince the campus police that I am in fact a manager at the store who must have accidentally hit the wrong button when setting the alarm. This was to no avail however, because since I am such a new manager I don't have my university ID yet. They literally threaten to arrest me when my phone rings and it is the store manager. She got the message on her end saying that there was a fire in the store and wanted to make sure that everything was OK. I explain top her the situation and she lets me know that its fine and that she will call the alarm company. She then talks to the police.

I reset the alarm and walk out of the store leaving my keys on the counter accidentally. As the door closes and locks behind me the police tell me that they need to get back in and do a walk through to make sure that nothing is on fire. I fumble for my keys and then realize that I left them in the store.

You have got to be kidding me I tell the police the situation and they tell me that they need to get into the store, and the fire department will as well. Once again I call the store manager and she says she will be over. She loads her kids in the car comes out and tells me to come grab her keys. I tell the police and they walk off. I go to grab her keys once I have caught up with the officer but the store manager is already inside. The police are gone but the fire alarm is still showing on the panel. We are not sure what to do so we "no close" the store and head out.

Man what a fun day... and two run ins with the police in one week. Gotta love it!

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