My Poor Tipsy

My cats are not the healthiest animals in the world. Bob has had two major surgeries, but he has survived. Now I am very worried about my poor Tipsy.

Both of my cats found me on a cold January day while I was living in New Haven, since then they have been my companions as I move from job to job and from city to city. When I found them nuzzled together in my back door they were both very sick. I nursed them to health and then couldn't bear to give them away. I love my cats very much and although Tipsy is not affectionate with anybody else I know that she loves me (on her own terms of course). She will cuddle with me and she will purr when she is sitting on my lap, and she loves that I will sneak her some special food like ham when all the other animals are not allowed to have any. She is a very special cat, and she was a very fat cat.

Now my poor Tipsy is in the hospital suffering from liver and pancreas failure. The vet is not sure what is causing it but it may be from cancer. She has lost a lot of weight and when I picked her up last night I could feel her spine. I layed down on the floor with her and rubbed her nonexistent belly until she began purring, she fell asleep with my hand on her hear and I felt a need to say goodbye. I did and I said goodbye again this morning when I walked her into the hospital, she is still strong and she is still young but she only has a 50/50 chance of surviving this.

I am praying that she makes it through but the vet is cautioning me against being too optimistic. So I love you Tipsy and whatever happens it is for the best. I will make sure that we get you the best care and keep you from suffering. You will be happy and there will be plenty of boiled ham for you wherever you go.

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