Being A Bad Blogger and American Idol

So this past Friday I was sitting at home and reading some different ways to have a successful blog, and one of the things they suggest is to have a consistent theme. They tell you to write about the same area or subject. Well... I'm not very good at that because of my ADD! But I think I can make the argument that all the things going on in my mind is a single subject, its what's on my mind... right?

Anyway, many of you know that I am completely addicted to American Idol. I am horribly upset that Paula isn't returning this season for one simple reason... Who is going to bring the crazy? I hate Kara, she just won't do. A facebook friend suggested Whitney Houston would be a good replacement, and I agree, at least I know she would bring some crazy. But apparently, she is busy trying to make a comeback.

The reason I am writing this post this morning is because I heard on the radio that they are having Victoria Beckham judge for a second taping, and there is some talk that she could be one of the replacements for Paula, and well that is... MAJOR!

Yeah I know, I guess I'll never write a successful blog because I am all over the place in my posts... oh well!

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