Inappropriate Interview Questions

Our HR manager was conducting an interview over the phone yesterday when we had a blackout in the store. She insisted she didn't miss a beat and continued asking the normal questions she would ask any potential employee. However, we all believe that she may have slipped, just because we like to make fun of her. we just kept harassing her with innappropriate interview questions to ask in the dark! Below are some of the ones we sent her way, what about others you would have asked if you were conducting in the dark?

Now I know we discussed your job experience, but what are you wearing right now?

Hmmmm, it seems to be dark in here, what do you like to do in the dark?

Oh no, I seemed to have dropped my butchers knife, have you seen it?

Is that your foot working its way up my leg or am I just being hopeful?

And then we quickly ran out of interviewing in the dark questions and moved on to other sick and wrong questions that could possibly be asked in an interview. It was just fun to ask our ever so proper HR manager if she has ever asked questions like...

I know you are here for the job, but maybe we could go out for a drink instead?

How you doin'?

Now it says here you have been convicted of a crime, was it violent? Could I hire you to perform another violent act?

Do I look cute in this dress?

An entire series of other even more inappropriate questions followed but those can not be posted on this blog. While I have been known to curse or be wrong, these questions went over the line.

It is clearly getting far to close to Back to School Rush at this point because we are all getting punchy and wrong and making comments that we all understand and are not offended by, but the general public would be appalled. And while we were joking with the HR manager, fittingly the lights went out again...

Before the generator could kick on... she grabbbed my ass! I screamed. I threatened to call HR and file a complaint. Then I laughed!

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