Express Men: Good Customer Service Intentions Poorly Executed

With the promotion, and Rush arriving at my store I needed some new clothes so that I looked AGM worthy. I have always been one of the youngest in my positions, and this one isn't much different, plus I look younger than I am,(Shut-up S... or I will spill your secret on this blog) so sometimes the clothes make the difference. During Rush I always try to dress with authority.

Anyway back to the point of the story, I went to Express, which is one of my favorite stores because they have nice work clothing at reasonable prices, cut for those of us who are smaller in stature. While the Doctor hates shopping I dragged him along anyway for moral support and fiscal control.

We walk into the store and are greeted not by a sales associate but by blaring music and a throng of people throwing merchandise. I immediately find a pair of pants that I like and while I am rummaging through the pile looking for my size an associate greets me and asks me if I need help. I ask for my size and he immediately replies... "I don't have a 30x30 in these but I have a 33x30 and a belt..." I cut him off and say no thank you but I would appreciate if he looked in the back for a 30x30. He wanders away and I'm flabergasted, the Doctor just laughs. Three inches on the waist of a mens pant is a big difference, one that a belt can not fix!

The associate returns with my pants, exactly the ones I asked for, in a size 30x30 that he found in the back. I thank him for actually going to check. Yes, I was a bit snide but he deserved it. I continued browsing and located a shirt and tie that I really liked and searched for it. I was reluctant to ask the same sales associate who provided me with the well intentioned information previously, but alas I could not locate the items so I asked. No sir we don't have that at all he replies to my question. Well, why do you have it on the manequin I think to myself... before I can get any words out he is recommending a large shirt that is completely different from the one I asked about...

This is when I had to set the man straight, his intentions were right but he was going about it in the wrong way, and I just couldn't take it anymore, in an outburst I kindly exclaim...

"Sir, all I asked was if you had that in stock, I don't need other options from you, please just answer my question."

The Doctor laughed and excused himself from the store, I continued shopping, and if I had a question, I found another sales associate who provided much more useful information. I walked out with pants shirts and ties, and even got $75 off of my bill because I was so charming to the other sales associates.

I felt bad for this one guy, but he was just providing me with useless information. I wear a x-small and 30x30 so large and 33x30 does not help me in any way!

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