And the Winner Is (or) More Drugs on Campus

Part of running a college bookstore is getting to hear the stories as to why we should return textbooks for students who have lost their reciepts or have decided to return them after the final return date. Usually the stories are pretty standard, the dog at my receipt... family member died... my girlfriend was cleaning and threw it out sort of thing.

And then you get a good one...

"Yo, I need to return my books cause I'm leaving (school)"

"Ok sir, I need to see your original receipt as well as your add/drop slip"

"I don't have none of that"

"Well, sir that is what is required to return books, and since it is after the return deadline I will definitly need a copy of your add/drop form you can get from the registrar"

"I don't have time for that"

"I'm sorry sir, that is what you need, and I can't make an exception the policy" (Of course I can and I do all the time but I am not doing it for you)

"Yo man the school wants me off of campus by noon today, help a brother out"

"Don't call me brother... and I'm sorry they want you off campus by noon, but I can't help you out without the proper documentation."

"Man this school sucks, I can't believe this sh#t, first they kick me out for selling drugs, and now you ain't taking my books back!"

"Well sir, I am very sorry you have had a bad few days but rules are in place for a reason and we stick by them. My recommendation for the future is to keep your receipt and to not sell drugs on a college campus."

But this man did have the best story about needing to return his books I had all semester, and the second drug related story this rush. See how can I not love my job!

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