Random and Unrelated Thoughts

A few months ago when I was discussing my blog with Mr NG he mentioned that my blog is like a brushstroke of American culture. I think he was being nice because generally I feel my blog is a rant of random and unrelated thoughts. Today's post will be a collection of some random and unrelated thoughts.

First off, I delayed writing about the VMAs for a day in order to let some of the hubbub pass. I am not usually a VMA watcher but this year we decided to sit down and watch the madness live (err DVRed). We sat and enjoyed the Michael Jackson tribute, and we were amazed at how good Madonna looked (she has a good plastic surgeon). We saw Janet had lost weight and then we watched Taylor Swift win her first VMA and that is when the night began.

I have always thought that Kanye West was an asshole, and this was definitely evident on this night. He lacks the common decency to sit down and be happy for a young girl who had won a VMA. He lacks the basic respect and manners that every human being should posses. I never did like Taylor Swift, i find her a bit whiny but I would never EVER imagine anybody would do to her what Kanye did to her. That was truly despicable.

Beyonce on the other was nothing but class, she showed Kayne what it measn to have manners and while its hard to applaud somebody for having common human decency, in this case, Beyonce deserves a standing ovation.

Moving on, Lady Gaga was insane, talk about pushing the envelope with her performance. It was an amazing performance with a crazy outfit, and she blew up on the scene over a year ago and with this performance she is showing that she is here to stay.

And jumping away from the VMAs... last week they announced that Ellen was going to be the fourth Judge on American Idol. Now, I love Ellen and I love American Idol, but I am not sure these two really match up. I know she is the type of person that the idols are looking to appeal too, but especially after her judging performance on SYTYCD... I am just not sure.

Another topic jump... One of the professors that I deal with came in today, he was upset that we ran out of books for his students. I was surprised because earlier in the day I had gone to the section and seen 15 copies of the book, and I knew I had placed a reorder for additional copies earlier that morning. I walked the professor over to the section, showed him the book and he still continued to argue with me that the number I had still wasn’t enough. This is a usual argument, but then this music professor took his argument to the next level, he stated, and I quote… “This class, if you don’t know, is a matter of national security!” I had to restrain from laughing in his face! Really, this class on modern jazz is a matter of national security… I think not!

And just in case you couldn’t tell, this post is the reason for my blog’s subtitle!

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