The Shopping Cart

There are always good stories around Back to School Rush time, yet because I am working 16 plus hour days I rarely have time to write them. A couple of weeks ago, we were getting in at 6am to process online orders, and after working until 11pm the previous night we were a little punchy. My boss had pulled into the parking garage a few moments before me and I lazily parked next to her. We exchanged our morning pleasantries and began walking to the store.

At the door of the parking garage there was a shopping cart from the off campus Giant, apparently some college students decided to steal it the previous night. We walk past it looking and then both immediately stop in our tracks. In unison we look at each other, turn back and run for the cart.

Now for the back story... our General Merchandise Manager always says that she has her shopping cart picked out for when she retires and becomes a bag lady. Hence, the humor behind rolling a shopping cart into her office as an early retirement gift.

Flash forward... we grab the cart and begin wheeling it across campus at 6 in the morning, nobody is out and about and my boss wants me to get into the cart so she can push me into the store. I refuse because I feel like my life could be in danger. The sight of us walking into the student center pushing a shopping cart is enough to have us doubled over in laughter. As we approach, one of our employees is waiting at the front door for us and he immediately bursts out laughing at the sight of his two store managers rolling up with a shopping cart. We later find out that he thought we were just coming in from a night out and were still drunk (Not the case just Rush madness). We roll the cart in, place it in our Merchandise Managers office and get a great laugh out of her when she comes in later that morning.

The best part is, this shopping cart is the best tool ever for stocking clothing and moving stuff around, so now we all look a little bit crazy pushing it around the bookstore!

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