Get Naked

No, this is not a post about how considering how hot it is I wish it were acceptable to walk around naked. Public nudity scares me, ugly fat people should not be able to be naked ever- let alone in public, and for that matter spandex should be outlawed.

OK, now that I am done with that politically incorrect and degrading rant, this post is about the book Naked by David Sedaris. I just finished re-reading it today on the train and it was just as funny as I remembered. I love his wry sense and his keen observations.

This book doesn't need to be reviewed, his essays are fun and to the point, and unlike Augusten Burroughs he is even "mom friendly." Yes, he is a gay man but I think most moms can handle this and it is not a centerpiece in many of his essays. So seriously, take some time out and read some David Sedaris (or re-read some and remember how much you like it).

I am moving on now to Blink by Malcolm Gladwell author of The Tipping Point. I hear it is very good, we shall see.

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