Full Moon??

There must be a full moon today because the customers were absolutely insane! I am serious I had two customers that must have been off of their meds, or were just plain nuts. I mean approaching Bible Lady nuts, yes like eating pages of the bible crazy.

1) A woman comes in and asks to see the GMM, I ask her if I can help her with anything because the GMM is busy with another customer. She says that she wants to buy a class ring and I tell her that any of the associates at customer service can help you complete an order for a class ring and I bring her up there so O can help her with the order. About halfway through completing the order she begins asking for the GMM again. O is understandably confused and since I was trying to fix the phones which inexplicably crapped out for half of the day, I asked her if I could help once again. She really wanted to talk to my GMM so when M finished with her customer I called her over to finish the order with Crazy McCrazypants!

I stand beside M, and help her with the order just in case Ms. Crazypants looses her mind and starts throwing things, I also assign a few tasks to the girls away from the desk to get them out of harms way. As we work on her order, we reach the part where we need to know her ring size. Most people don't know this off of the top of their heads so we have a series of rings on a big ring in all of the typical sizes. We explain that oddly enough your shoe size is a good place to start, but to also keep in mind that in the summer your finger may swell slightly due to the heat. She says she has a size seven foot, but she inexplicably shoves a size 5 ring on her finger. M looks in horror as this woman's finger turns all sorts of unnatural colors as she tries to pry this ring off of her finger. She goes to a size 5.5 and decides that it was too loose even though her finger was turning purple due to limited blood flow.

After changing her mind 8-10 times she decides to go with the size 5. M tries to talk her into a slightly larger size but she doesn't want the ring to fall off. Apparently, not loosing the ring was more important than not loosing the finger!!

2) G calls me out of my office because he has a customer who wants to make a return but it is past the 30 days. He fails to tell me that the customer wants to return electronics that she bought over two and a half years ago. Why me? I have to explain to this woman numerous times that our refund policy is 30 days and not 1000. I understand that she does not need these items and I am very impressed that she still has the receipts. However, only one of the items has not been discontinued. She kept wanting me to give her cash back for all four items and I explained that it was simply not possible.

I decided that the best I could do as a compromise, which was more then any other one of my managers would have been authorized to do was give her a $90.00 store credit for the one item that had not been discontinued. I was very friendly about this and explained that I was bending all of our rules for her on this opened electronic device. She was still furious and demanded to speak with my boss. HAHA, I love when people ask to do this! I explain to her that I am the boss, and she looks at me and tells me that there is no possible way that I am the boss, she has underwear older than me.

Ummm, GROSS! Ma'am, I am the person in charge of the store at this time and I am making an exception to my policy in and giving you close to $100.00 back on a gift card (merchandise credit). She responds with, "I hate you punk ass kids who think you can rip off your elders without even batting an eyelash." Now, I can feel the blood rushing to my face and I am forcing myself to bite my tongue because what I really want to do is actually be a "punk ass kid" and throttle her. But I keep my calm demeanor and explain that I can give her this credit now or if she likes I can give her a phone number she can call to speak with my regional (who will not give her any money back). She mumbles mean things about me under her breath and opts for the money instead of the phone number. I process the return for her and kindly tell her to have a wonderful day and to enjoy the weather.

Deep down, I hope she trips and breaks her hip, but I hope she does this after she is off of my property, because I don't want her to be able to sue me for falling down. Or maybe she will be run over by one of those punk ass kids on Rollerblades, and then they will steal her merchandise credit for 100 bucks.

Oh the joys of working with the public, every once in a while you end up with the nutty ones, and man oh man today did I ever end up with the nutty ones.

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