I Win!

I beat the book, for a long time I was worried that I wasn't going to conquer The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano but six weeks (yes six weeks) after I started reading the book I finished. I know you are thinking that after six weeks I would have been able to finish War and Peace, but I really am a slow reader unlike what the people on my jury thought.

It was a hard read but I did enjoy the book. The Savage Detectives is a sprawling novel that is divided into three major sections. The opening and closing sections consist in the diary, written by one of the main characters García Madero, who along with fellow poets Arturo Belano and Ulises Lima set out to find the Mexican poet Cesárea Tinajero, who apparently disappeared in the Sonoran Desert in the 1920s.

The middle of the novel is very dense and it covers numerous characters over several continents and they narrate their experiences and interactions with the main characters over a twenty year period. I am sure that everybody will have a difficult time navigating through these page, however, these stories create a creative and incredibly well written novel.

Now, I am going to read something much easier to tackle I may even re-read some more David Sedaris, I was thinking about Blink by Malcolm Gladwell but I think I need a reading break, and a great laugh.

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