No Seriously I Hate the Train

My train ride home from work was horrifying. I am not sure if it was the T or the fact that Spring ceases to exist in New England but I waited in three very warm stations and rode three trains, two of which had no air conditioning. I waited for 10 minutes in K Square for the first train and got on with about 200 people, it was warm on the train but at this point not unbearable. What was unbearable was the fact that a man was blaring his music from a good ole fashioned 1980's boom box. I can deal with I-pods blasting in peoples ears but seriously keep your music to yourself.

So I witch to the Orange line to get home, and as I wait on a very hot platform and watch two trains go by I am furious because all I want to do is get home and take a nap. I get onto the next train which wreaks of god knows what, and it is close to 100 degrees. I actually get a seat but I begin sweating immediately and need to stand up in the middle of the floor, where I continue to sweat. I am now three stops from home and pretty much soaked through my dress shirt and the conductor comes on and says that this will be the last stop for this train and all passengers will need to get off.

Damn the T, why does this always happen? So I get off three stops before home and debate taking the walk, as a train approaches I decide to take the train I have already paid for and require this system to complete its job.

I just want to know where all of this money I pay every month for my pass goes to? From the time I moved to Boston until now a single fair has gone from 0.85 to 2.00, and the system seems to be worse, except for these cool plastic fare cards, that only work half the time. So, I do seriously hate the train!


Patti said...

Hi :)
I came across your blog from the waiters blog. I'm from the subs of Boston, but live in the UK now. I was just curious where you live. I grew up in Norwood and still own a home in Brockton. I hope this isn't to intrusive.

I also want to say sorry about your friend leaving. Hang in there.

JRH456 said...

Thanks Patti- I live in JP (right outide Boston)

And I will hang in there, I guess I will just have to visit NYC

Patti said...

Are you from there? I have cousins in JP..
jrh, NY isn't that far a train ride. ;)

Good luck!