Neither Here Nor There

I have to say I really love Bill Bryson, and while I still have to say that my favorite Bryson book is I'm A Stranger Here Myself, I really did love Neither Here Nor There and it really made me want to go take a tour of Europe. When I recommend Bryson books at my store I always describe where they got me in trouble for laughing out loud... I'm A Stranger Here Myself was soda out of my nose funny, and A Walk in the Woods was get in trouble during Jury Duty funny. Neither Here Nor There was laughing on the T funny (and getting weird looks). I think that the best part about Bill Bryson's books are that they are not only funny but they transport you to the place he is writing about. While reading In A Sunburned Country I wanted to travel to Australia to see for myself all of the places he was describing with such vivid details.

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