Water Country, Water Country, Water Country... Have Some Fun

Yes, that is one of the most annoying jingles on Boston Television, right after "Bernie and Phyl's, Quality, Comfort and Price... That's Nice." Now why am I commenting on this jingle, well it's because on Sunday I went to Water Country in New Hampshire for DJ R's Birthday.

So Sunday morning I got up early and met up with the group at Dunkin Donuts on Mass Ave, we needed to grab some food. As soon as i walked in, before I even had any caffeine I ran into Bible Lady who graced all of us with how she was about to eat the bible, and how she missed me at my old store. I was not in the mood so i stood by the door and held it opened for her, hoping she would get the hint. She eventually did and we were able to grab breakfast and get on our way.

I was not sure how a group of fifteen 25-35 year olds would do in a water park that was meant for 8-15 year olds, and figured that this could be an interesting time. I love roller coasters and rides, but I had never been to a full fledged water park. We got there at 10:30, changed, and went to to the first water slide. This was a nice easy trip on a tube made for five people down a splishy splashy tan slide that didn't even get a scream out of me. The water was a bit cold though! While waiting in line for the next ride one member of the group whose self control is always limited, got pissed and yelled out the F word in the middle of a group of children. This is one of the things I was afraid of but the parents didn't turn on us at that moment which was a relief because I was expecting to be run out of the park with flaming torches by the end of the day.

We continued riding the rides until we decided to break for lunch and then get back in line for Geronimo. This was the only slide that was scary, all of the others I was able to get through without a problem. Geronimo, however, is about 15 stories straight up, you lay on your back with your ankles crossed and you arms crossed over your chest and the attendant pushes you down the slide. At one point you are in complete free fall, and no part of your body is touching the slide. You are all the way down in a matter of five seconds but it is still a scary five seconds and even I yelled an obscenity my first time down, it was fun though so i did it three more times during the course of the afternoon. I think five of the fifteen people opted out of this ride, and the rest of us did it a few times, some got right on while others had to think about it for a few minutes.

The Wave Pool was the final stop of the day, and it was also very fun, the weird thing is that the waves in a wave pool go from side to side they don't come in from in front of you instead they come from the left and the right. As someone who loves to swim in the ocean, I found this very hard to get used to and swimming in these waves with tons of little children in tubes was also a difficult task. Once you got into the swing of things and out past the six foot mark where most parents did not allow their kids it became a lot of fun and also some really good exercise, I am glad that I am a good swimmer, I can see how people can drown here.

Overall, I do have to say that Water Country, Water Country, Water Country, is a place where kids of all ages can have some fun! The day ended and we didn't even drown one another!

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