Fat Cat

I put Tipsy on a diet. She is my female cat and I felt she was getting too fat. She doesn't like the special diet food, but she has no choice if she wants to survive. Like my mother says its not like she can drive to McDonald's and order a Double Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries. She can't cheat on her diet even though I have caught her trying. A couple days ago I saw her trying to pull food out o the pot of food I was cooking when I had turned my back, and today she tried to lure a big dumb bird to the window with some odd kitty cackling noise.

Bob doesn't seem to mind the diet, but she just looks at me with disapproving eyes, if she only understood that it was for her own good. Oh well, I guess I can't reason with the cat, especially a fat one who is bitchy because she is on a diet.

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