Overwhelmed By Books

Well for some reason my reading has slowed down, I used to finish a book every two weeks but now it is getting closer to three weeks. Maybe the train is running quicker, but I doubt that. I am currently reading The Book Thief, it is a Young Adult book and you can all laugh at me for reading it but it is an amazing book about a young girl in Nazi Germany. From page one you are hooked, especially as you realize that the narrator is death. I can honestly say that it is one of those books (like Shadow of the Wind) that you are hooked from page 1. I still have about 300 pages left (200 pages in) but I already know it will be one of my favorites this year.

Now this is the problem, as my reading has slowed down, the new books coming out that I want to read has sped up. I mentioned in a previous post that David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs both have new books coming out (and I can't wait). Plus I have a shelf full of books that I haven't read, and on my bookstore floor there are books that are begging for me to buy them.

Such as Mary Roach's Bonk, she wrote the book Stiff about the curious lives of cadavers and now her new book is about the curious coupling of sex and science. She is incredibly intelligent and makes taboo topics fun to read about. I highly recommend Stiff and I will probably recommend Bonk once I have read it.

Another book that is calling my name is a book called Beautiful Boy, it is by David Sheff. His son was addicted to crystal meth at a young age, this book describes his journey through his son's addiction and how he dealt with it. The son (Nic Sheff) who is now "recovered" has also written a book about his experience (this is one that I have a problem with) but I don't want to read the fathers book.

Ah, so many books, such a slow reader, so little time!

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