1) I am walking up the aisle today with money for one of the cashiers. The store is pretty busy because it is lunch time and I am politely navigating around people when an older foreign man full on pushes me out of the way. Seriously...? When did pushing people become appropriate. I didn't say anything I just kept walking.

2) This afternoon I come up the escalator to answer a page to customer service, I get to the top of the escalator and see a Frisbee flying in the air, headed towards a customers head. It hits the customer in the head, knocks over one of my signs and lands on a table of books. I look over to see where this projectile had originated from and note that it was from the hands of a four year old. I cant blame him but I can get pissed at the mother who let him do this and continues to shop with her back turned as the child runs for the Frisbee. I am way ahead of him so I apologize to the customer for this mom's misbehavior and grab the Frisbee before the child can and walk away. Once again... seriously...?

What a day!

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