Purple Tracksuits, 39 Degrees, Peacocks, Jaguars, Bitchy Betty, and Other Fun

So I was gone for a week, I was in Florida. I went to Tampa, Fort Lauderdale (2) Pompano Beach, Boca Raton, and Miami. I was all over the place looking for the warm weather (which seemed to elude me for a few days) and just seeing people that I had not seen in a while. So here are some of the highlights and low lights (we all know the low lights are the most fun) of my trip to Florida last week.

Purple Tracksuits
The night before my trip (Easter Sunday) I stayed at the Doctor's house because he is much closer to the airport and it is a lot easier to catch a cab where he lives. I had to be at the airport at 6:00 in the morning so the closer I was the better. I woke up early, mainly because Annie (the dog) threw a rope at my head because she wanted to play catch. I was on my way, and amazingly I was early to the airport. It was early but I was excited about my trip so the adrenaline was pumping and I was wide awake. I got the gate about 45 minutes before take off and had time to sit down and begin reading from Heat. I love reading in airports and on the plane, I know so do a lot of people but I just find it comforting and a way to block out all the other crazy people on the plane. So as I sit down and begin reading heat a woman in a purple velor tracksuit sits down next to me and begins asking me questions. I peer over my book and answer a few but she continues. (Seriously, cant she tell that I am not interested in talking to her.) After a few minutes I excuse myself and go to the bathroom then relocate to the Starbucks in the terminal. I sit and read some more until they began boarding my flight. As I walk back to the gate there is no sign of the purple tracksuit lady, I am happy until I board the plane, and guess who is sitting next to me! Ah yes, that gd Karma thing is a bitch! I sit and I immediately pull out my book and try to read, pretending like I don't hear her first few questions but when I realize that this will continue the whole flight I cave in and begin responding. I placed my book on my lap hoping that she would get bored hearing about my uneventful life, but alas she did not and the entire time on the plane we chatted. I wanted to finish my book, I barely started. Damn purple tracksuit lady (i never even got her name).

39 Degrees
It was cold in Florida, not really cold, like Northeast cold, but it was chilly. The first morning I woke up there it was 39 degrees in Tampa. I got in the car and drove South. I am serious. I got in the car at 6am and drove South four hours to Fort Lauderdale. I wasn't warm there either it was only about 60 degrees. We didn't go to the beach we did some shopping and had some lunch. It also rained two of the days I was in Florida. Mother Nature doesn't like me very much.

I can't say that I have seen a real Peacock before, I mean I kinda know what one is supposed to look like, and I watch the peacock network all the time, but a real one I have never seen. Well, as I was driving into my parents neighborhood I saw a real one. I didn't know what it was until i was about 4 feet away and it spread its tail feathers. They really are pretty animals. Although dump, it did not more from the middle of the road, I had to drive around it.

I have never seen one before, and I am not sure that I actually saw one, what I do know is that I saw an animal that looked like a huge black cat on the side of Alligator Alley when I was driving down to Fort Lauderdale. I did not stop to inspect it closely, but it looked like a Jaguar to me.

Bitchy Betty
"Recalculating" she screams as I apparently drive past the exit she wants me to get off at, "recalculating" she yells as I get off the highway to get gas. "Recalculating" she spits venom as she says this. However, I was indebted to Bitchy Betty because she was the only thing that helped me get around Florida, otherwise I would have been perpetually lost and may have never made it back to Boston.

Other Fun Stuff
I had a great time, and it was good to see friends, and I got to spend a day at the beach and a couple days at the pool. I had never been out in Miami, it was nuts but we had such a great time. I was a vacation that I desperately needed and I am glad that I took it. Now its back to the grind, but I have another vacation in July. Thank goodness!

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