JRH This Is Your Life

This past weekend was graduation, for the most part I enjoy graduation, and this may sound cruel but the rainy and chilly weather on one day followed by the oppressive heat was perfect for business. People just don't pack well for New England graduations so they all needed to come rushing in for umbrellas and jackets and then they needed shirts and hats the next day. It was craziness and long hours and on Friday I could not move from one end of the store to the next. They were packed in like sardines and the clothing was flying off the racks at an unprecedented pace.

By the end of Saturday we were all exhausted, we had hangers hanging off of us and size stickers covering our clothing as well as pockets full of size buttons but we had made it through the worst of the days and for the most part we were still smiling (and a bit punchy). With about 15 minutes left in the day a family walks up to the register and plops down an armful of items that I assume they wish to purchase. I begin by asking if they were here for graduation because they would get a discount. It appears that nobody in the group speaks English so I kindly punch in the discount plan guessing that they are here for a child's graduation. I begin ringing in the items and moving them to the side when the woman starts speaking to me in a foreign tongue. I'm sorry ma'am but I don't understand. I try to piece together what she is saying to me when she starts screaming in this foreign tongue at one of the other members of her family. I am so confused by what is going on and I am trying to with hold a laugh so I continue scanning and bagging all of the items in front of me.

Things seemed to have calmed down and I ask how they wish to pay for the $484.00 worth of gifts and apparel. They don't seem to understand this either so I end up miming and asking and finally getting a credit card. The inter-family argument seems to be rekindled as I wrap up the transaction and they walk out the door. Once they are out of sight I laugh and I think to myself... "is this really my life?!?!"

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