Vacation Mode

I don't want to do any work this week. I am in complete vacation mode. I have been since Monday. After all I had to leave early for an appointment. And tomorrow I get my hair cut at 5:15 which means that I have to leave work early again. And I leave for Chicago on Thursday, flight is sometime around 6 (guess who has to leave early!) OK, well maybe I am not in vacation mode it is more like pre-vacation mode where I am trying to get a ton of things done before I am gone for a week. To make matters more complicated this is a dual vacation (as in two destinations). The Doctor and I are flying with our friend SC to Chicago for the weekend and then we all fly back Monday and get in the car and drive to the cape for a week.

I am sure that the entire time will be loads of fun but the packing is stressing me out. There are so many things we need to do as well like go buy a case of wine so we have wine for the cape house. See tons of important things.

My reading is also in vacation mode. I finished reading Why You Are Engulfed In Flames by David Sedaris and I loved it. If you want to know how I felt about it I will recommend somebody elses review. What she was right on point...! I am serious, read Jennifer's review. She is wicked smart and kinda funny. She also writes the blog Bibliotary that is listed in my blogroll! And because I was in the mood for more light hearted and funny essays I immediately went into reading I Was Told There'd Be Cake. The cover blurb compared this author to David Sedaris and this was the kind of reading that I needed to do while I was on vacation! Or at least while I think I am on vacation even though I have 2 more days of work left.

I am sure you will be reading more about my adventures in Chicago and on the cape but probably not until I get back, unless the beach house we rented has a computer and free Internet.

Until then... WOOHOO VACATION!


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Bibliolatrist said...

aw thank you!