Uh Oh

Well, the drama of trying to limit myself when it comes to buying books at my additional discount continues. Man, it is so hard managing a bookstore, you just want them all. Anyway after some vetting today I was able to eliminate one title from my previous list but I added five more. L over at BU made some recommendations and I couldn't help but pick some of them up.

I actually eliminated The Secret History of the American Empire, because it was not getting strong reviews and I figured it could never hold its own against his previous work Confessions of an Economic Hit man. Now here are the five I added to my pile, and I have to narrow it down to the ones I am buying by tomorrow.

Smile When You're Lying- A travel book about being a travel writer and the lies they tell in order to make everything seem wonderful and to sell advertising. It looks like a fun trip through the world.

Our Man In Havana- I have never read any Graham Greene and this book combines mystery and travel and satire and it seems like a good place to start.

The Nasty Bits- I loved Kitchen Confidential and I read Bourdain's blog on a regular basis (see link in sidebar) he is funny and truthful and I enjoy his writing style. I think this one will definitely make the cut.

Out Stealing Horses- besides it being a bestseller at the store I have heard very little about this fiction title. It was a NYT Book Review Best of the Year last year, I guess it should be worth reading. I hope. (Any thoughts)

Finn- the opposite can be said about this book, everybody that has read it that I have talked to loves it. L loved it. Maybe I will love it?

Please feel free to give me a hand again in the comment section. I find the decisions to be overwhelming and I can't really justify purchasing 11 books. Can I?

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Theresa said...

While I've never read Our Man in Havana, I really enjoy Graham Greene and haven't read anything by him that I didn't like. Another great Greene story is "The Third Man;" both the story and film version (starring Joseph Cotton and Orson Welles) are fantastic.