The Flight Over

We landed in the San Jose and cleared customs, exchanged some money and then went over to the "terminal" that we were flying out of to Quepos which is the airport near Manuel Antonio. We had to weigh ourselves with our luggage to make sure that we weighed the right amount. We waiting in the outdoor terminal for a little bit and then they called us to board our plane, took our laminate pass that they reuse and we walked outside.

There are a number of planes outside and the six passengers from our flight all follow the captain as we walk towards the smallest prop plane I have ever seen (although the Doctor says the one he jumped out of was smaller and I now understand why he jumped out of it). As we boarded and the captain helped us fasten our safety harnesses I began to panic a little, this was so out of my comfort zone. The Doctor caught this on video. As we began to move I let the panic slip away and kept telling myself that this was an adventure, a once in a lifetime experience.

The takeoff was a bit rough but once we were in the air I can honestly say that I have never experienced a flight that was so thrilling, the natural beauty of Costa Rica as we flew just slightly above the mountains and hills was breathtaking. As we got closer to Quepos you could begin to see the Pacific Ocean and the islands off coast. Looking directly down you could see the tops of palm trees for miles. It truly was quite a glorious sight. And most importantly we landed safe, the pilot helped us off the plane and we were greated by very friendly airport attendants who spoke spanish at Greg.

It is very funny to watch them try to talk to him and then I have to answer. I think they immediately think he is the one who can speak spanish because he is darker then me. Next post will be about the forest we walked through today, another beautiful site that we won't soon forget.

Until then...

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