Guess What Honey...

So I was riding home on the Metro from work on Thursday, I was completely engrossed in my Advanced Readers Copy of The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and then I realized that the next stop was Metro Center where I needed to get off. As we approached the stop I stood up and expected the woman sitting on the outside of me to let me past. Instead the woman rolls her eyes lets out a loud sigh and stays in her seat...

I kindly say, "Excuse me this is my stop."

Crazy lady sighs again, "Well I just sat down"

"I'm sorry I didn't notice, but I need to get off here"

She doesn't move, "Well I am not standing up because I just sat down, how could you not notice"
"Once again I am sorry but I need to get off" I say as I begin to climb over her.

"Your an asshole, how dare you not notice me."

"Guess what honey... take your stupid sunglasses off and take a look around, the world doesn't revolve around you," I say as I get off the train and the doors close for dramatic effect.

I give her the evil eye as the train pulls away, I just can't believe that she wouldn't move out of the way for me to get off the train, I am never rude to people when they are trying to move on a train, there are tons of people cramped a small over packed cylinder. And by the way there is no sun in the Metro so you don't need sunglasses!


jma212 said...

I am so jealous that you got a copy of Angel's Game. Please, please, please tell me who to talk to to get one. Or tell Lisa and she'll tell me.

And that lady on the train? HA! Would only happen to you.
- Jeanne

Honey said...

Go to Just something else for you to talk about.