Oh Hell No

So one of the doctors "friends" was writing on his facebook wall to wall yesterday, here is the conversation...

Hi (Doctor)! Who's the nice man? Cheers, (Jackass)

You must really not know him he's a bitch! lol

Well....lol! what is the deal with gay men? It's terrible....I think I should move. Auy suggestions? (Jackass) PS He does have quite a few wrinkles...you can do better guy! (Ouch- and by the way my recomendation is not DC)

Hey that's not nice he may be a bitch but he's my bitch and I love him so be nice. (The sweetest thing he could have said love you too)

just kidding guy! I'm just jealous because I'm single....He's a cutie (uh huh if you are kidding then don't say such mean things asshole)

And finally here is my response via Doctor's wall... and keep in mind, don't mess with me because I am not nice...

Wow i guess I am not the biggest bitch- your friend (Jackass) seems to win... wait I can take back my title, it seems he doesn't even have his own picture as his profile picture... I wonder why, wrinkles? or just plain ugly?

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