So Much For Packing Light

We are all packed and getting ready to head to the airport for the 4am flight on Taca Airlines. We have to be at the airport at 1am. We said that we were going to make sure that we packed light because we have to pay for anything over 26 lbs on our putt putt plane to Quepos on the last leg of the trip. Well, what we said and what we did are two separate things.

The Doctor was making fun of me for packing 14 t-shirts yet he packed the same number and we are heading to the airport with two big suitcases I have my backpack with his computer and the Doctor has a backpack and another carry on bag. I am sure we will be paying extra for the luggage.

We changed our money got some travelers checks and cash, called the credit card companies and changed my phone to the international plan. Everything is checked off of the list so it looks like it is ready to go.

And again if you want to see more pictures and other stories check out the travelblog...

Until we get there...

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