The Blizzard of 2010 Parts I and II

There are many things that I can say about the Blizzard of 2010. I am not really sure however where I should start. But it all boils down to I have been stuck in the house for five days at this point. Friday around 11am I left work. i was in a good mood, I figured that there could be things that were worse than being snowed in for the weekend. I bought some food, bought some alcohol, and scrambled to a number of stores to try to find some fire wood. I found the firewood and I was home. The snow started to fall, it wasn't too bad, the snow fell through the night and got progressively worse, but I was able to take some great pictures of the snow. By Saturday a majority of the snow had fallen. The Doctor and I went outside for a walk, it was beautiful. We were able to venture out a few times to places close by. But what amazed me is that in 3 days my road and the roads around mine had not been plowed. Then on Monday we had to go to the supermarket because another storm was coming, we walked to the supermarket with our backpacks and we were amazed that most of the streets had not been plowed.

Where are the snow plows?

It is now five days after the first snow flakes have fallen, we are two storms in, and there are still no plows that have gone down the street. How have we not had any plows? I have lived in cities for a long time and I know that DC isn't used to this but really get the plows out on the streets, clean the roads. They keep making excuses and I don't want to hear it anymore, yes lot of snow, yes hard to deal with, but here is a hint...


Last night (Tuesday night) I finally saw a plow on our street, the DC government truck was driving down the street with the plow UP. Here is another hint, putting the PLOW DOWN will help clear the streets.

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