Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest: Love Not Hate

When Greg and I entered the Crate and Barrel Ultimate Wedding Contest we knew to a certain extent would would be in the public eye. We knew when we started emailing the link out to people the word would get around. We also knew that when you are in the public eye you open yourself up to criticism, thats why many public figures don't even look themselves up on the internet. I however, couldn't restrain myself, when I started seeing my name and picture popping up on blogs I had to look at what people were saying. Most people were amazing, they supported us and are all trying to help us win. The support of the community was and is heartwarming.

And of course there are people who are going to pick on you, for no reason other than they can, I can deal with it, believe me I don't even like my own hair, but the faux hawk is all I can do to control my out of control mop, unless I shave my head a la Britney Spears and I worry I have a misshaped head! This I can deal with, I'm not running out to the hairdresser immediately and getting a new haircut!

But then there are comments like these that send me over the edge, whether in the public eye or not these comments are not acceptable. Not because they hurt me, I'm a big boy I can take it, but because it shows hatred for our community. It incites violence like that I have had to live through.


click the (top vote) couple tab once at the site and you will wanna
puke! two dudes holding each other. WTF! flammin fagots, go back into
the closet with your anal lube and start saving for future medical

(I didn't activate the link because I don't want to support his blog)

Anyway, what is frustrating to me is that while these are just words they are words that are based in prejudices and hatred. They are words that can harm. These are the words that I heard before my head was smashed into the pavement.

This contest is about fun. This contest is about love. The love that has brought the Doctor and I together, we have lived through some of the worst things that can happen, but we don't want for others to have to live through it. We are in this contest to prove a point, that our love is as strong as any couples, that our love is just as important even if it is between two men, and that our love represents the same love of many men and women in our community. Please make sure that you vote, and share, and tweet, and blog, and support us in our campaign.

Please support love, not hate! And Please VOTE HERE

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